5 Back-To-School K-Dramas You Can’t Miss

The start of the school year is difficult for many children. While moving on to the next grade makes some people happy, doing difficult schoolwork is rarely enjoyable. We’re fortunate that school K-dramas break up the tedium! The stories demonstrate that studying K-drama way can be a lot of fun, and the episodes frequently restore the joy that summer vacation takes away. School K-dramas are enjoyable, whether they are for performing arts in high school, carpentry, or even college.

Here are five K-dramas for the new school year that you must not miss.

1. “Mimicus

You must see this one if you enjoy dazzling everyone with your singing and dancing abilities. Students in “Mimicus” attend a renowned performing arts institution that talent agencies are keeping an eye on. The temptation to imitate is the sole issue. The average student at the institution is very similar to a JJ Entertainment celebrity. Ji Subin (Kim Yoon Woo), a celebrity of JJ Entertainment, was brought up by his mother to look like Han Yousung (Yoo Young Jae). Yousung’s mother made Subin’s mother envious of her and her lifestyle by aspiring to be her. The two teens’ peculiar upbringing causes them to become enraged and envious of one another, and these two boys provide an unsettling illustration of how humans imitate one another in every way.

The finest television show to watch if you enjoy all things theatrical is “Mimicus.” It also does a fantastic job of capturing the stars’ private thoughts behind the scenes. Despite the plot’s seeming extreme, it is really a very real drama that causes viewers to seriously consider true life circumstances.

2. “Dear.M

“Dear.M” is a great series to binge-watch if you’re going off to college this year. This series explores a variety of subjects, including first loves, enduring friendships, and social gatherings. Additionally, through anonymous remarks on the school’s message board, a mystery individual confesses to their first love. They set an example for other students on campus by being courageous in front of their crushes and exploring the significance of their own relationships.

One of the students, Cha Min Ho (NCT’s Jaehyun), has been secretly crushing for Ma Joo Ah (Park Hye Soo), his best buddy, for years. He eventually musters up the guts to tell her the truth about his feelings thanks to the unknown person’s audacity. Episode after episode, it’s nice to witness the characters’ joyful college life!

3. “School 2017

Drama “School 2017” is cloaked in secrecy. In this K-drama, the school’s management staff is the target of jokes, and everyone wants to know who pulled them. The instances vary from causing trouble to defending the right thing. By becoming friends with old pals Hyun Tae Woon (Kim Jung Hyun) and Song Dae Hwi (Jang Dong Yoon), who are both thought to be the perpetrator, Ra Eun Ho (Kim Se Jeong) finds herself in the center of everything.

Two of the pranks the genuine perpetrator (also known as Student X) pulls include turning on the sprinkler system during class and flying a drone with the principal’s face on it in the middle of a school assembly. “School 2017” is a great drama to watch in between courses if you appreciate solving puzzles. The main couple’s chemistry is so hot even without a mere kiss that it’s difficult not to enjoy the narrative!

4. “School 2021

Are you preparing to start working soon after high school? Then you’re living your dream with “School 2021.” Each young person enrolled in these courses is acquiring a trade in order to begin working as soon as feasible. Additionally, the main characters’ primary interest is woodworking. They build different things like seats and music boxes during the show!

Jin Ji Won (Cho Yi Hyun), one of the protagonists, puts a lot of effort into building a particular bench, however, there is a small flaw in the construction. Jin Ji Won becomes discouraged by the error as a youngster begins to play on her bench and falls and gets hurt. She nonetheless keeps moving forward till she realizes her goal of working on skyscrapers. You can view this drama again. You start daydreaming about the future because each character is so sincere and open about how they feel about life.

5. “Heirs

“Heirs,” a K-drama about wealthy South Korean families that send their young heirs to a prestigious school, is a tale of a high school “Cinderella.” They are trained to inherit their family’s fortune at this esteemed school. A housekeeper’s daughter begins enrolling at the exclusive school on a scholarship inside the opulent walls. She ends up in a love triangle with the Empire Group and a luxury resort conglomerate heirs, as fate would have it. The housekeeper’s daughter is Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), while Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) are the respective heirs to the Empire Group and luxury resort.

When Cha Eun Sang is residing abroad, Kim Tan encounters him by mistake for the first time. His constant flirtation causes romantic embers to flare, and they keep bumping into one another at home and school. Additionally, when Cha Eun Sang defends herself from being bullied by food delivery customers, bully Choi Young Do notice her and begins to fall for her. Many of the greatest performers of today saw their careers take off because of this K-drama gem. It’s a terrific play to see if you want to remember their beginnings in poverty, and the story is really interesting.

The enjoyable tales in these K-dramas assist to make this school year pleasant. What further school K-dramas would you include? Comment below and let us know!


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