New Delhi. The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization has failed the drug standard test of 50 drugs across the country. In the month of October, out of 1280 medicines received from different laboratories across the country, 50 medicines have failed in the test. According to the organization, this is a routine process. Every month the samples of medicines come for testing and the medicines which are found to be standard and quality checked for various reasons are approved.

Apart from conditions like geographical location, demography and climate from one state to another, medicines can also fail in the test due to brand matching. These samples have been failed due to the drugs not meeting the drug safety standards. The failed medicines were manufactured in Uttarakhand including Haryana, Kolkata, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand. Out of these 50 medicines, only 11 medicines from Uttarakhand are included.

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization has issued show cause notices to the companies manufacturing these medicines. Companies have been instructed to remove the entire stock of these medicines from the market. The Assistant Drug Controllers of the concerned areas have been asked to submit a complete report in this matter. Similarly, before October, the Health Ministry had failed the test of 26 drug samples in June, 53 in July, 45 in August, 59 in September. These medicines also did not meet the standards.

Most of the drugs that have failed the test are used as antibiotics. Some medicines are also used for abdominal pain, headache and fever. These medicines are also used for Vitamin D and in normal fever. Drug tests are conducted every month by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation. In the last few months also many medicines have failed in these tests. Of the 50 medicines that failed in October, 11 were made only in Uttarakhand. Apart from this, there are many companies from Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana. Many medicines made in Himachal Pradesh had failed in the tests conducted last days.

The consumption of antibiotics in the country has increased significantly. In 2019, 500 crore antibiotics were consumed in the country. During the Corona epidemic, there was a huge jump in the demand for medicines. Experts say that many times people take medicines even without the advice of doctors, which causes harm. The problem of antibiotic resistance is also being seen by taking medicine without any reason.

Dr. Anil Goyal, Secretary, Indian Medical Association (IMA) says that the proportion of drug samples failing worldwide is 3 to 4%. We have almost the same ratio here too but if it is more than 6% then there can be a situation of panic. The question is not of three or four per cent, the quality of medicines should be 100 per cent. It is not known for what reasons they have failed in sampling, but sampling error can be due to reasons like demography, temperature patent.

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization has issued notices to these pharmaceutical companies seeking answers. An order has also been issued to withdraw the entire stock of all these 50 medicines from the market at the earliest. The Assistant Drug Controllers of all these states have been asked to send reports in this matter at the earliest. Dr. Anil Goyal also told that among the medicines whose samples have failed, there are many life saving drugs, some injections and everyday medicines like paracetamol are also included in this.

Come, here we tell you which medicines have failed in the test. It has been directed to withdraw these medicines from the markets. Along with this, show cause notices have also been issued to the companies making them.

See the list of medicines here

folic acid tablets ip
Airmol®-650 Tablets
Esolip 40
Cantop-40 Tablet
Montek® LC
Levocetirizine Tablets IP
chromostat injection
Uriflo -D
misoprostol tablets
silodosin 4 mg
Diacovin-Plus Capsule
albendazole tablets ip 400 mg B
L – Methylfolate Tablets
Levetiracetam Tablet
metronidazole tablets
Tilvit (multivitamin infusion)
Otocap Capsule
Mycobal-Plus Capsule
Kingcath Tablet
enalapril maleate
Pilogrel – A 75
Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride
RL 500 Injection (all of which are compound cidolym)
RL 500 Injection
RL 500 Injection
RL 500 Injection
RL 500 Injection
RL 500 Injection
RL 500 Injection
NS (Sodium Chloride)
Fenofibrate Tablets
Montelukast Tablets IP
bromhexine hydrochloride
nandrolone decanoate
pantoprazole sodium
RL 500 B Injection
midazolam injection
Dicovin Plus

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