7 Best K-Pop Songs With Beautiful In The Title

K-pop manages to reach listeners on a soul level. Bands like NCT, MONSTA X, and SHINee have the ability to touch an audience with simple songs on everything from self-empowerment to romantic love. The titles of the astounding singles listed below use the word “beautiful,” but the connotation goes beyond what we often associate with the word.

Here are seven stunningly gorgeous tunes that listeners will always treasure.

1. NCT 2021 – “Beautiful”

In this inspiring ballad, each member of NCT discovers their individual voice and inspires listeners. NCT 2021 wins over fans with their dancing and singing. Members Johnny, Jaehyun, and Ten, respectively, showcase their stunning singing, dancing, and English abilities in “Beautiful.” It’s worth playing this NCT 2021 song repeatedly.

2. MONSTA X – “Beautiful”

In this song, which is reminiscent of BTS’s “Boy in Luv,” hip hop takes centre stage. With its complete rap verses and soothing chorus, MONSTA X’s love confession is strong. And the song’s musical notes flow effortlessly together with their flawless dance!

3. DAY6 – “You Were Beautiful”

This gentle rock variant is delightful music for everyone ears. Members Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, Dowoon, and Jae play their instruments with ease while singing about a previous relationship. In “You Were Beautiful,” they sing well and deliver a message that is both sweet and disturbing.

4. EXO – “Beautiful”

For their lovely sounds and words in “Beautiful,” EXO will make you fall in love with them all over again. This song is full of adulation for a lover, making it seem like the cosiest K-pop embrace on a chilly day. While you’re reading, studying, or having your own little music party, take advantage of their calming vocals.

5. SHINee – “Beautiful”

Soon after “Replay (Noona You Are So Pretty),” SHINee made the decision to keep winning the hearts of noonas with this energetic dance song. In addition to winning their hearts with their endearing choreography, SHINee always understands how to bestow the highest praise upon their fans. The moment you hear this ballad-turned-pop tune, it’s impossible not to fall in love.

6. Crush – “Beautiful”

This gorgeous ballad whisks listeners away in the past. This love ballad, which was included in the original soundtrack of the popular television show “Goblin,” is ideal for a slow dance. Crush is the king of ballads, as seen by his vocal prowess in this song.

7. SEVENTEEN – “Beautiful

This sweet pop song with EDM undertones is a fantastic club hit. Even just seeing SEVENTEEN play live will put a grin on your face and make you want to spread joy to your loved ones. The charming choreography is tough to miss, and maybe it’ll inspire you to give it a shot yourself!

Which “Beautiful” song is your go-to choice to lift your spirits? Do you have a favorite K-pop artist or group when it comes to ballads? Comment below and let us know!


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