A father’s dream came true as he scored a goal for the national team

The USA-Wales match ended in a draw in Qatar World Cup. Both teams scored one goal each. The U.S. took the lead in the 36th minute on a goal by Timothy Wieh.

More than the result of the match, it is Timothy’s goal that is discussed. When the player scores a goal, social media remembers his father. A father’s dream came true through Timothy.

Timothy is the son of the current President of Liberia, George Weah. Also a former world footballer, Jorge Villa was the winner of the Ballon d’Or for the best footballer in the world in 1995.

George, who scored 58 goals in 147 matches, could have played for France but chose to stick with his native country. The player who tied the boots for the country in 60 international arenas has scored sixteen goals.

Despite making incredible strides in European club football, George Wiley was unable to lead Liberia to the World Cup. Having kicked the ball his father’s way, Timothy made up for his grief by giving his father the greatest gift he could give.

When asked which country to play for, Timothy had four options. France, Jamaica, Liberia and America. Although his father is the president of Liberia, Timothy, who was born in New York, chose the United States as his national team.

The son gave an extraordinary gift to the father who knew his son’s interests and left with blessings and wishes. With this, Timothy has put an end to George Viya’s sadness that despite being a great player, he could not play in the World Cup.

Timothy also earned the distinction of being the fifth-youngest goal scorer in US national football team history.

Timothy started playing football under his father’s tutelage at West Pine United in Florida. Then he reached the U-17 and U-19 teams of the United States. The player joined the national team in 2018.

Content Highlights: Tim Weah surpasses his father George by playing and scoring in a World Cup


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