Syria is one of the most feared countries in the world. In the midst of a civil war that has been going on for more than ten years, Bhayapa The people there are those who live tote. Go to the grave of your son who was killed during the war and kill Meesan Kalla Nenchot Che. It was a small Christmas day that we heard the crying mother’s cry. was in Thailand. He took his son in a big bag and crossed the border of the state, where did he go? We have also seen the picture of the father fleeing. Drinking water spewing from a broken pipe in shelling We are made to see the pity of the crying child as helpless. lol…

So in the face of war, poverty, and poverty Yesterday I got to know a housewife who ran away. The meeting was held at the Art Center of Souq Waqif. We can call her Nadira who looks 45 years old. The conversation was on condition of anonymity. .

Nadira in the right corner of the spacious lobby of the Art Center. Drawing the picture. What they saw when they reached Souq Waqif was painted on a large canvas. that Beautiful pre-drawn pictures are lined up. Al stood next to him, drawing a picture with concentration. The rice is doubtful. When asked his name, he said his name. Six years ago, when the civil war was at its peak, C Fleeing from Rhea. Speak English fluently. World Cup football is also watched with great enthusiasm. I like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi a lot. At least one match has to be seen live. Nadira says that at least one of the players will come to Sookh Waqif and see her paintings. Dreaming.

Even if they have left the kingdom, the fear of their faces has not disappeared. It is shadowed at every step. Even then they love the colors of life so much. That is their survival. Nadi says that life in Qatar has given him colorful dreams. Ra says.

After saying the journey and extending his hand to the Sheikh, he did not know such manners. They are not ready because of that or for religious reasons. Their world is the realities of life beyond pictures. Meanwhile there will be no room for such formalities.

Syria has one of the oldest cultures in the world. The state has many UNESCO heritage sites. But, in a country with such a rich artistic tradition, art today There are no great possibilities for debt. That is why many people like Nadira live in many kingdoms. Trying to give color to his dreams…


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