It is part of the existence of the Arab states. Deserts stretch as far as the eye can see. . Qatar is no different in this regard. 4th edition of Cornish Kick About Sika Yatra. Friend Prasanthum Alan has experience so far. Helped for an unexpected trip. Just heard of Desert Safari. Qatar has prepared an opportunity for it.

For the night specials on Lucille Blvd. I decided to take a break and sleep. Because the next day is very interesting in life. Have to wake up early for a trip. Desert sofa in Prasanth’s car in the morning. ri reached the starting misaid. A group was waiting there. All are Malayalis. Pathanamthitta, Thrissur, Malappuram and Kollam Kozhikode All over Wayanad there are adventure vehicles. was standing with There was a turn to leave the caturi in the vehicles. will come The question is why? Vehicles that were given five riyals and half blown A trip to the desert is possible. All vehicles are modified for off-road travel. It has been done.

Thrissur Gadi Shyam was the one that got me company. Seat belt near the driver’s seat in a hurry Rich sat down. The car started moving. Be with a team of seven vehicles trip to There was an iron start, then a go. When you see the sand dunes in front of you, Karu was going through the paddy field. The date But what’s an adventure without climbing the sand dunes? Shyam’s question was Katha Bro. Whatever it is, don’t shake it like Innocent in Gemini. was sitting

Slide and ride down the sides of the sand dunes. When he stood up, he clutched his chest. And the appearance of various manifestations of adventure. Was missing. Where is the long line of sand dunes? Shyam is taking the vehicle there. Entertainment of There was a mistake somewhere. One wheel of the vehicle is in the sand. With this, each partner has his own way. Newly arrived. Shyam tried to raise the wheel. Shyam said that there is no need to grab the sand. It is literally true. The rope was brought to raise the wheel and drive the vehicle again. The tongue was put on the hill.

The journey continued. The wheel fell to the ground and Shyam’s adventure faded. There was no bidding. Our Ford F150 leaps and bounds. is doing I traveled from Thrissur to take these pictures. Yadu is there. Sleeping camels in the middle of the desert Also saw They are grazing together. Shyam is an example by giving water to those who are thirsty for water. Yi! About 40 kilometers from the Saudi border The journey ended here. A boundary is a side of the ocean. n.

Dudes of Dunes is a group of off-road adventurers. Naya made this journey possible. came Just like he loves football and cricket. A group of people who also love adventure sports. Tana was formed three years ago. The first members were only 10 people. Since 2012, Manalkoonil Adbhu In their team, which started with many people showing Currently there are 45 registered members. Also, about 230 other people are qualified in desert driving. and

Captain of Dudes of Dunes Thrissur Karan Afsar J Lee is. Captain will go ahead on every voyage, Vice-Captain. Both of them. If it is the captain who decides the route then it is not wrong. It is the vice-captain who has to take everyone. Wireless is in their hands. If the vehicle goes down in the sand, the correct handling is done. These will make it travel-worthy. Women also go with their families. Enjoy the beauty of the night and the morning. Come back to Yakum. Rescue those trapped in the desert They are also doing voluntary service. Trapped in the desert and faced death Rescue Ravdhi and bring him back to life. They have come. Those interested in learning off-road driving are free. They are also ready to teach.

Come across the sand dunes We are unable to see the vehicles coming. Creating a wonderful environment.""It’s God’s will, our goal is to be honest. Shyam said. Sne sees Brazil and Argentina as his own team. Off is still his biggest passion. Road driving. Cars launched by Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol Buy at second hand prices and make good stylish changes. is used. Returning from the Saudi border is a once in a lifetime experience. A trip you’ll never forget dude Thanks to everyone at Soff Dunes. Aren’t the Malayalams a mess…!



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