We have not invited Zakir Naik. We have not given VIP consideration.
In the movie King of Kochi, a goon came to beat Dileep and break his arm and leg, but seeing Dileep, the goon got scared, dropped the iron rod in his hand and said, “Talaiva.. are you okay?” “This is the library… I have come here to pack some books” and runs away. To Dileep’s rival on the way
” He is a terrible person
There is a very interesting scene called “Good Luck”. The same scene happened in Qatar yesterday..Qatar was speaking by clarifying that the extremist Islamic preacher Zakir Naik was not officially invited to watch the World Cup. Qatar informed India about this at the diplomatic level. Qatar pointed out that Zakir Naik’s invitation to the opening ceremony of the World Cup was just fake propaganda.

The central government had informed Qatar that Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar, who was supposed to attend as India’s official representative, would be withdrawn if Zakir Naik was invited. After attending the inauguration ceremony, Dhankar returned without participating in other diplomatic talks. With this, Qatar understood that India is taking this matter very seriously.
Zakir Naik, who is now in Malaysia, is a fundamentalist who wants to be removed from the Indian government for giving lectures in a manner that fosters religious rivalry. When the news came out that Zakir Naik’s lectures inspired a terrorist who carried out the blast in Dhaka, Bangladesh, there were strong criticisms against Naik from many corners in India.
But Malaysian President Mahathir Mohamad has been a staunch defender of Zakir Naik. A new controversy arose from Qatar amid India’s continuous demand for the extradition of Zakir Naik for violating Indian law.

Alkas, a sports channel owned by the Qatar government, has announced that Zakir Naik’s religious sermon will be held in Qatar during the World Cup. “Speaker Sheikh Zakir Naik will be present in Qatar during the World Cup. He will give many religious sermons throughout the tournament,” Faisal Arhajri, anchor of Alkas channel, said on Twitter.

Zakir Naik is a religious preacher who is facing many charges in India like money laundering and terrorism related activities. In 2016, India banned Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation. In 2017, Malaysia gave asylum to Sakir Naik who fled from India. In any case, Qatar’s explanation is that Zakir Naik may have made a personal visit to the gallery of the Football World Cup. Qatar also explains that a third country may have taken up the Zakir Naik issue to worsen relations between the two countries.
The Prime Minister of India is a man with backbone. If you play with him, you will learn the game.


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