Andhra Ooty Arakuloya, which is considered as a ghost paradise in two Telugu states, is now teeming with visitors. Along with the clouds, the rain is greeting.

Araku Valley: Andhra’s Ooty Arakuloya is enjoying the snow cover. Along with Araku, the tourist areas of Allur district are throbbing with thick smoke and snow. Vanjangi Meghalakonda represents the heaven of demons. Tourists are invited to their side. Dussehra holidays are the same.. and then tourists are queuing up to see the tourist spots of Allur district which resemble the heavenly paradise with the beauty of nature. Capturing the natural beauty of nature in selfies, they are spending the weekend enjoying nature.

Andhra Ooty Arakuloya, which is considered as a ghost paradise in two Telugu states, is now teeming with visitors. Along with the clouds, the rain is greeting.. The smoke and snow are thick on the hills. Tourist places in Manyan have become more beautiful in the cool climate. The beauty of nature has become more beautiful with the fog on the hills and ghat road. Visitors are enjoying the changed atmosphere and capturing it on camera.

Tourists are enjoying the winter weather in Araku already. Arakuloya’s visited areas are bustling with tourists. Tourists enjoy this weather a lot with fog and cool winds. As it is the Dussehra holidays.. the cool climate invites you.. why not enjoy it..? That is why visitors are queuing up.

While the cool winds blowing like the Malaya Marutham in the summer season attract the tourists, in the rainy season, wherever you look, you can see the waterfalls on the hills. The beauty of snow in winter makes Arakuloya even more beautiful. Having said this, Arakuloya has become a paradise for tourists with its natural beauty throughout the year. There are cascading waterfalls, snowy mountains, high hills, green carpeted gardens and amazing caves. Having said that, there is no shortage of beauty in Araku.

Chaparai Jalavihari and Padmapuram Park are always waiting for tourists to visit. People are excited to see the museum as it reflects the tribal culture and tradition. Anjoda Park with tall trees has become a habit for wedding shoots. In addition to this, Vanjangi Meghalakonda.. There, the clouds of the Baltic Sea in the middle of the hills attract the tourists. Atu Paderu Manyam too..waterfalls attract visitors.

As hundreds of vehicles flock to the tourist areas, traffic jams occur at many places on the Ghatroad. Due to the large number of tourists, the demand for rental rooms has increased. Tourists are enjoying themselves by putting up small tents in empty places where rooms are not available. Government and private rented rooms and hotels are completely full.

Locals say that this is the reason why so many tourists have come to Arakuloya in recent times. However, in the background of Covid, Araku tourists have been showing their faces for the last three years. Every now and then the conditions improve.. the weather also becomes favorable.. and with the coming of Dussehra holidays.. despite the difficulties, tourists continue to come to Arakuloya and Alluri Manyam to enjoy the natural beauty.

Reporter: Khaja

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