News Daily Digital Desk: The speaker’s name is Lionel Scaloni. who is the current Argentina coach. Just one day before the start of the World Cup, who gave a long interview to a paper in Argentina.

Question: What is the feeling of being the coach of Argentina?

Scalloni: The feeling of putting on the Argentina jersey as a footballer is the same as a coach. Putting on the Argentinian jersey, a strange emotion works, a sense of responsibility comes. Above all, there is a joy. Especially when the World Cup comes. Look, professionalism, responsibility will be there. But at the same time you need to enjoy the moment.

Question: Your third World Cup (World Cup 2022) in Qatar. He was in the team as a player in 2006. Assistant coach in 2018. And now the coach.

Scalloni: This year’s World Cup is the toughest. We didn’t get any time to prepare. If a problem arises, it is difficult to resolve it in such a short period of time. Apart from that, the World Cup has to be played in the middle of summer, which usually does not happen. Only in Brazil did that happen. But preparation is the factor. The club prepares in one way, in the national team another way.

[আরও পড়ুন: টার্গেট হওয়ার ভয়ে জামিন মঞ্জুর করেন না নিম্ন আদালতের বিচারকরা: দেশের প্রধান বিচারপতি]

Question: What do you think about the World Cup?

Scalloni: There is no room for even minor mistakes in the World Cup. A small mistake can lead to the death of the team. Example 2002 World Cup. A World Cup where an unfair penalty knocked us out of the tournament. All those things should be kept in mind. The World Cup can be very cruel at times, taking away what is deserved. Many times you will see, two teams are playing the final without playing the best game, and another team is going out despite playing the best football.

Question: You called the World Cup cruel. He also said that he has to enjoy the World Cup again. How can two together?

Scalloni: possible I call the World Cup cruel because even the slightest deviation is not forgiven here. But after that you have to enjoy football. Enjoy the game. We want to continue that way. Hope all will be well.

[আরও পড়ুন: খুন করে প্রেমিকার দেহাংশ ভরতি ব্যাগ নিয়ে ‘প্রাতঃভ্রমণ’ আফতাবের! প্রকাশ্যে হাড়হিম দৃশ্য]

Question: As a coach, you tell me how much Argentina is the favorite this time? Which of the remaining teams can win the cup?

Scalloni: We are in good condition. We have a certain idea about our game. We will fight with the players we have. I will fight with everyone. And there is no such thing as a World Cup favourite. Not possible. A lot of bad teams come to play. Sometimes two of the best teams meet in a battle of the last sixteen, resulting in a knock-out. So it is not possible to say who will win the World Cup. However, many teams are equal in this World Cup.

Question: How do you see Leo? Does Messi feel more motivated?

Scalloni: A great quality of Messi (Lionel Messi) is that he can spread his fighting spirit among the team in a great way. And he looks much more mature this time. Enjoying his football. And not only Argentina but the whole world wants to see Messi playing at his best.

Question: Messi said something?

Scalloni: I told Leo what I told everyone. I said, let’s enjoy the World Cup. Have a great time on the field. Then the world will see how we play.

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