Thiruvananthapuram: Malayalam’s First World Movie "’Swayamvaram’ 50th Goa International Film Festival Of India (Ifi) did not know! However, at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) The team including special performance and tribute to the composer. Will tip. 50 years ago on this day "Swayamvaram’ was released.

Won 4 national awards including best picture, director and actress "Swayamvara worked on the state award that day. The film won the Gold Award at the 1973 Moscow International Film Festival. This is"They did nothing. Don’t they see me as an enemy? No relation with them’ – Question about Goa Film Festival Thin Atur’s reply. "I did not ask anyone to do anything. If you know yourself, then do it’ – he said.

I went home yesterday to participate in the self-imposed protest in Palakkad today. Culture Minister V.N. Vasavan called and talked on the phone. "Autograph was the first step towards modern cinema. Culture for conducting Kanaka Jubilee celebrations in a manner worthy of enthusiasm. Rika department has decided. There will be a special exhibition of the autograph at the 27th IFFK. Prominent filmmakers will honor Atour at the stage where he arrives. Produced with the financial support of Kerala Film Academy. Presenting the story of the autobiography "The documentary ‘The Journey to Self at Fifty’ has been completed. The first performance of this will be held tomorrow at Ganesam Hall in Thaikkad’ – the minister informed. chu

Sadharna through the lives of Vishwath and Sita (Madhu and Sharada). The challenges faced in the life of the person are also experienced. That film, which invents self-conflicts, was discussed that day. It was a problem called Llayma. Swayamvaram is an image with an inner core that still stands today. Atoor Gopalakrishnan Malayalam is a glimpse of life. He also pointed out that

Door-to-door imaging, real-time voice recording, and even listening It was during this time that the studio had enough of the camera in Atour’s first film. Opening the doors and opening up the film grammar About Ruth. If there is no happiness, then there will be sorrow. "In the uncertainty of the heroine’s life beyond the regular ‘climax’ Acquaintance with a new level of experience for the seasoned moviegoers. came


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