Sabarimala season has arrived! The shouts of surrender are ringing!
Pampa Snanam has started! Honey and milk started flowing in the refuge paths. Treasure chests started lining the roads.
Sugar, Ghee, Coconut, Paneer, Sandalwood Rum Tharalela, Tharavelakutta and their Maladaivas. Got ready and started bowing.
Ponnampalamet was on the golden throne and the silver throne Thrikalunni, the sage of the sages, waving the two springs twice Pujayumet, Kashi – Rameswaram – Pandi – Anandachi reigning over Malayalam Thanaaya Ayyan Keralan Yoganidra has left!

We, knowledgeable people!

Mandala, Scorpio is a time of silence for Malayali. . We are just spectators. The saying of the ancients was that ‘Ignorant children should be protected’. Thana. But it is not aimed at us. We are very knowledgeable and knowledgeable.
Knowledgeable people have not lost, will not lose, have not heard the history of defeat!
Gold and money are refuge, refuge is our charm. Audience counting and intervention are big news here. All kinds of Moha Deepam awakened and shined in the golden lights of the mind. taking Like Sripadmanabhan’s money, Ayyappan’s property also disturbs sleep.

Ayyappan’s DNA

Many upper caste intellectuals researched Ayyappan’s DNA. Those who take Claiming that Ayyappan is Buddha, the award and money will be paid They are eager to provide employment. Devaswam Melalanmarkatta, Kani, the savior of the gods There is no faith in any deity other than Kai! During the opening hours of Sabarimala and Guruvayur. We are the ones who are cringing in front of our superiors. It can be seen on TV channels. This is Kerala’s only philosophical-ideological conflict. becomes Many small roads in the country are being repaired by mentioning the name of Sabarimala. . There are direction boards. But Ayyappan’s picture is not the only one. It doesn’t matter if the picture that is not clear in the mind is clear on the road!

Shabarigiri project should be bowed down!

Sabarimala has a great impact on our literature and cinema. It should be said that it is not included. Srinivasan’s film ‘Thinking brunette’ is the epitome of this. Let’s discuss Sabarimala wise topics through this picture. However, none of it lasted. It means that we have grown more than Sabarimala!
Aravindan, who was a cartoonist and director, his ‘little daughter’ Sabarimala in the cartoon series Nushya and Valiya Lokam. Those who go to are criticized indirectly. After going to Sabarimala, join the nearby Sabrigiri project. A character of Aurobindo advises the Ayyappans to go away. Th!
In the 1970s, many critical essays were written by the rationalists. We used to write in Janyuga magazine. So the intellectual discussions about Sabarimala are over. did Recent events are the interests of vote politics. These are the results. It is not a matter worthy of discussion.

It is our right to this day!

Seventy percent of those who reach Sabarimala are Malayalis. Our guess is that it is not stones. In the remote villages of Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka One or the other must have come to Sabarimala. Many villagers are familiar with Erumeli, Chalakayam and Chengunur. And he! Isn’t this a form of national integration?
Another thing is that this money is brought here and spent without loss. Ru thing. Unlike the average Malayalee who presents Rs.100 at Sabarimala. Lalas offer thousands, fourteen thousands and lakhs. From gold and silver to coconuts, rice and vegetables giving
Indirectly helps to maintain an overall stable economy. Aren’t these renegade devotees? Petrol banks, shops, entertainment centers and e They are getting their money. If these were not forthcoming, KSRTC and the Electricity Board ra Devaswom Board Temples, Hotels, Taxis and Murukan Kardas, There is no business with the threshers, the urinals and the urinals. Wasn’t it going to sink in? Not only alcohol and lottery, we will also pass away with Sabarimala. That means. But no one will agree to this. People from other states who visit Sabarimala are second class in our eyes. Coming to own our rivers and environments, at least temporarily. They are folk. Sarkar bus stand at Erumeli or Chalakkayam and other district headquarters If you go and look at Sabarimala in Ndukal, you will be convinced of this. . No merciful word or deed comes out of nowhere. Most of the officials in government buses that charge four times the fare They see the pilgrims as mere objects.

If such an influx of devotees were in another state, they How much respect, love and care this man was wild. ? Act on behalf of other states as they do not have vote here. It is not just that no one notices the exploits. We count this robbery as a right. Sabari is called ‘Malangol’ in Erumeli and other Kachhwada languages. Mala season announces. The meaning of ‘Call in Sabarimala’! Even if you sell a dosa, coffee or vada, call, call!

Let’s drink tea!

Sixteen thousand eggs are produced in Erumeli and Pampa every year. Ministers and government officials often attend meetings. Its nickname is ‘Drinking Tea and Parting’! With or without yogas, things will go on as usual. There are plenty of devotees from other countries! If you look at a number, that too is Ayyapp’s. Goodness! The cost figures of this operation are published in the newspapers. If anyone asks if they are together, no one will say no! If you look at a number, it is also Ayyappa’s grace!


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