Back Pain Problems: Experts have acknowledged that back pain problems are on the rise among young people. The question is why such incidents are increasing? What do the experts say?

Back and waist pain (Bachachess) is mainly associated with loss of spinal bone. This type of decay usually occurs with age. But nowadays people of all age groups are affected by osteoporosis. From college students to young office workers, almost everyone complains of back pain. Doctors say back pain is not uncommon. Because human ancestors walked on four legs. Back then the spine was straight in shape. Gradually people learn to walk on two legs. The spine also changes slightly for bipedal walking and balance. Back pain is inevitable for every person because of this change.

However, this type of pain usually subsides with rest. But not everyone is like that. The pain is often persistent or comes back repeatedly. Doctors say that working in wrong posture, sitting in an abnormal posture for long periods of time at work etc. may be responsible for such recurrent back pain. Besides, there may be risk of problems due to lumbar disc prolapse due to accidents.

Problems at work

In the work from home culture, many people wake up early in the morning and go to work. Then they have to work continuously sitting on a chair for 8 to 9 hours. Of course, many people work even offline or in the office. There, workers have to work sitting on chairs for long hours. Many people do not have chairs that are proportional to their physical height. As a result, one has to sit at the desk in an unusual posture and continue working for a long time. This can lead to back pain problems at an early age. Such physical problems are especially common among IT sector workers.

Experts, however, say that lack of exercise is also one of the reasons behind back pain in young people. Many people are losing interest in physical exercise by working 9 hour shifts all day. As a result, the level of blood circulation in the muscles and throughout the body also decreases.

Experts also say that most people do not work with a laptop in a scientific posture. When working at home, many people work lying down. Some work while sitting with their laptop on the bed. Both poses are flawed. Working on a laptop with completely wrong posture is causing back pain.

Experts say, be it laptop or computer – always work sitting on a table chair.

Of course, there are certain rules for sitting on a table and chair. In this case, the feet will touch the ground. If the feet do not touch the floor, a small tool must be placed under the feet. Chairs should have handles so that the elbows get a support. There also needs to be a place to keep the wrists or wrists. In addition, the laptop or computer monitor should be at eye level. If you don’t work in this way, you will get back pain. Experts say ergonomic chairs should be used when working at a chair table.

But not only computers or laptops, there are other types of work that we do not sit down in a scientific way. For example, many of us curl up on the couch or bed while reading a book or watching TV. I keep my neck high or low for a long time. This type of posture can also cause back pain. To avoid such problems, read books while sitting on the table and chair. And while watching TV, make sure that the TV screen is straight to the eyes.

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While working on a chair-table, leave the chair and sit up every few hours. Bend the body to the left and right. Take a walk. In general, move the muscles of the body a little. This will increase blood circulation in the body. The risk of pain will also decrease. Many people say that body pain increases in winter. Such people can drink ginger tea. Pain will decrease. You can also mix turmeric with milk and eat it before going to bed. You will get relief from pain to a great extent. The immune system of the body will also increase.


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