Basirhat Clash: The name of a Trinamool activist named Sirajul Besh is coming up in the background. Although a section of the Trinamool has claimed against him, Sirajul is not a member of the Trinamool.

Basirhat Clash: The one who went to Hajj with responsibility, he is ruling!  Basirhat shooting is like a movie plot

Political equation in Basirhat shooting

North 24 Parganas: Struggle to seize power and assert power. And because of that, the Shankchura market on the border of Basirhat became the title overnight. Ahead of the panchayat elections, this incident has started a strong political debate. A police constable was shot dead in a group clash on Monday night. He was shot in the left shoulder. Currently under treatment in hospital. Trinamool clan clash in Kathgara in this incident. The name of a Trinamool worker named Sirajul Besh is involved. Although a section of the Trinamool has claimed against him, Sirajul is not a member of the Trinamool.

But who is Sirajul? For that we have to go back more than a century. If you read the sequence of events, you may think that this is like a scene from a movie. In 2008, Sirajul Beshe was elected as a member of Zilla Parishad on Congress ticket. He joined Trinamool in 2011. His influence in the area was high. In 2016, the rhythm fell. Sirajul did Hajj by explaining his responsibility to Shahanur Mandal. He trusted him. When he returned, the area was completely dominated by Shahanur.

Some of the political observers think that since then the struggle to regain power begins. Nazrul Haque was elected as the block president in the middle of the fight. Nazrul’s close friend Sirajul got the moon. He was making his place again.

A conflict was brewing. Currently, the conflict with Shahanur Mandal, a politically influential member of the Zilla Parishad in the area, deepens. Although he was once the block president, the party removed him from that post in early 2022. Nazrul Haque got the responsibility.

According to Trinamool insider, Nazrul’s close friend Sirajul Beshe was cornered in the party due to various reasons. A group of local Trinamool activists claim that Sirajul worked for the ISF alliance in the 2021 assembly polls. Later he tried to become active again for the grassroots.

The rise of Shahanur and the move to the backfoot of Sirajul were the main reasons, with multiple issues including land, brick kilns, etc. acting as catalysts. Sometimes there was a dispute between the two parties, after Nazrul Haque became the block president, the dispute escalated.

According to sources, Shahanur informed the district and block leadership in the name of Sirajul several times. But Dapute block president Nazrul repeatedly kept Sirajul ahead. It is mainly for the purpose of this damage control that the attacks and counter-attacks occur between the followers of Sirajul.

Monday night’s incident was its culmination. Kazia stops in front of the office. Shots fired. The police constable was injured while stopping. Trinamool leadership is building multiple theories behind this trouble. North 24 Parganas Zilla Parishad member Shahanuj Mandal has put forward the theory behind this incident. His argument is, “The arena of criminals. The accused is not from our party. The perpetrators were in one place. It was the people there who called the police station. Our student leader Bulbul was with the police. At that time the miscreants shot at Bulbul. The police opened fire while trying to remove that student leader.”

Trinamool MP Shantanu Sen referred to this incident as a village dispute. He said, “The incident was unintentional. May be due to a local dispute. We have no other groupism here. Like they have one group each of Sukant, Dilip, Locket. We have only one family. If there is any misunderstanding in that family, it should be looked into. It has to be seen how quickly the administration identified and arrested the culprits.


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