Cold Water Baths: What happened to winter! Many people pour cold water on their bodies thinking that I will pour cold water on them. You will be surprised to know, bathing in Konkan water during winters like this can be fatal.

Health experts say that the problem of heart attack increases in winter. According to experts, the blood vessels of our body become constricted due to the effect of cold (Winter Season). As a result, the blood pressure increases slightly. As a result, the risk of heart attack and stroke also increases slightly. But in this winter many people feel comfortable to bathe by pouring cold water on their body. Yes, cold water definitely has some health benefits. Cold water helps reduce various types of inflammation. Reduces pain, relieves stress, swelling and fatigue.

However, health experts say that even though cold water has so many benefits, be careful before pouring cold water on your body and head in winter. Because cold water increases the risk of stroke and heart attack! A heart attack or stroke occurs when blood does not flow properly to the heart muscle or blood circulation to the brain is interrupted due to the presence of clotted blood particles in the blood vessels in the brain cells. As a result, the oxygen levels in the heart muscle and brain cells decrease. The incident happened.

There are multiple risk factors behind heart attack or stroke. Examples include age, family history, high blood pressure problems, high cholesterol levels in the blood. Besides, lifestyle is also responsible in some cases. Such a negative lifestyle is the habit of bathing in cold water in winter!

How does cold water create problems?

Health experts say that cold water suddenly falls on the body of a person with heart problems, which creates negative effects. Cold water acts as a shock to the body. Blood vessels present in the skin suddenly constrict under the influence of cold water. As a result, blood flow slows down throughout the body. In this situation, the person’s heart wants to pump more blood to deliver blood to all parts of the body. Heart rate increases. According to cardiologists and neurologists, it is not uncommon to have a stroke due to a very rapid increase in blood pressure in a short period of time due to bathing in cold water.

How to be careful in winter?

Doctors say that paralysis can occur in the body due to brain stroke. As a result, even a healthy person can become bedridden. About 18 lakh brain strokes occur every year. Here are some tips to avoid brain stroke in winter:

Avoid bathing in cold water: If you have trouble bathing in hot water, bathe in lukewarm water.

Keep yourself warm: Wear plenty of warm clothing in case you get sick again and again in winter. Cover your ears and head especially when you go out of the house. Wear a sweater or jacket.

Be physically active: Exercise 30 minutes daily. You can run for half an hour, you can jog. Light aerobic exercise is helpful. You can also do yoga. Exercise can be done by throwing arms and legs indoors. If you want to dance again, dance. meditate In general, be physically active.

Eat healthy food in winter: Fresh vegetables are available in abundance in winter. Matching colored fruit. So eat seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables. Avoid fried, fatty and processed foods. Apart from this, too much sweet food should be avoided. If you follow the rules, the fluctuation of blood sugar level will be less. As a result, there is no need to face problems even if you have diabetes. Besides, blood cholesterol levels will also be under control. Always eat fresh and hot food. Must add ginger to food.

Health Checkup: If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney problems, do regular health checkups. Pay attention to the situation. Keep diseases under control by taking medicine.

Not overexertion: Work hard, but understand. Exercising without understanding what it is doing to the body can be foolish for a heart patient.

Avoid alcohol: Drinking habits can cause various problems in the body which increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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Quit smoking: Blood vessels narrow and harden due to tobacco consumption and smoking habits. This problem increases in winter and can lead to accidents at any time. So quit smoking now. Stay healthy, stay well.


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