Silchar (Assam), November 18 (AD): BDF officials thanked and congratulated the people of Apamar Barak for observing the all-out bandh across the valley. At the same time, they urged the government to immediately accept all their demands.

In a press release, BDF media cell convener Jaydeep Bhattacharya said that today’s historic successful strike is an expression of the accumulated anger of the deprived and oppressed people of Barak and the North East. He said, the entire credit of making this bandh a success belongs to the people. Therefore, he congratulated everyone on behalf of BDF. Jaideep said that the government and the administration made a desperate attempt to thwart this ban. The police administration has sent threat notices to the officials of various parties and organizations including the four convenors of the BDF to withdraw the ban. Even these notices have been given from door to door till midnight yesterday. The BDF convener said that even today, numerous police personnel were deployed across the valley and the picketers had to deal with their indiscriminate use. BDF convener Hrishikesh Dey along with Masuk Alam, Raju Das, Madhuthoma Das Kanungo of BNS were arrested in Silchar. But inspite of all this the bandh was 100% successful. If the ruling party ignores the message given by Barak’s people, then they must suffer the consequences. Therefore, he called to accept the demands raised by BDF as soon as possible.

Joydeep expressed his sincere gratitude to the parties and organizations who spontaneously supported this bandh. In particular, he thanked the members of the Bengali Navnirman Sena and said that the way the BNS members worked in the field from morning to afternoon to make this strike a success is exemplary. The people of Barak will remember their protest role for a long time.
Hrishikesh Dey, another convener of the BDF media cell, said that today’s successful bandh proved that people will never accept Barak’s freedom and self-respect being compromised. However, this success has proved that the people have wholeheartedly supported this bandh. He said that after arresting them and bringing them to the police station, the police officials mistreated them enough. Similarly, many activists and supporters in Hailakandi, including the president of the Riser party, were harassed even after being arrested. But nothing could quell the spontaneous passion of the people. He said they hope that the government will immediately accept these demands of Barak Basi and take necessary steps. Otherwise, the BDF will prepare for violent mass movement throughout the valley.
Rajdeep Bhattacharya, on behalf of the Bengali Navnirman Sena, said that the central government should immediately intervene in the way Bengalis are being subjected to torture and oppression in various states of the North East. By observing this spontaneous bandh today, every citizen of Barak has expressed his opinion in favor of this demand. Besides, the recent recruitment process has been canceled and Barak’s job candidates must be appointed for third and fourth class posts. Otherwise, the government should reserve these posts for Barak’s local candidates. Besides, unnecessary administrative interference in legal betel nut trade should be stopped immediately. Otherwise, he warned of a larger movement in the future. BDF media cell informed this news in a press release from Debayan Dev.


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