Rahul Roy: Justice Abhijit Ganguly ordered a CBI probe into a petition filed by the School Service Commission (SSC) for recruitment of supernumerary posts or additional vacancies in SSC. Not only that, Justice Gangopadhyay summoned State Education Secretary Manish Jain for accountability by 10:30 am on Thursday. But the state went to the division bench challenging the order of education secretary’s appearance. The state filed an application in the division bench on Wednesday night.

Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay ordered the state education secretary to appear before the Calcutta High Court at around 10:30 am on Thursday. He sought apology for ‘Benami’ application in additional vacancies. Challenging this order, the state approached the High Court (Calcutta High Court) on Wednesday night. The state has requested to sit the division bench and look into the application before 10:30 am. The state government has applied through the Chief Justice’s Secretariat through e-mail. In other words, the state education department is desperate to avoid Manish Jain’s attendance.

[আরও পড়ুন: চার্জশিট ব্যবহার করে অপপ্রচার! শুভেন্দুর কয়লা পাচারে ‘প্রভাবশালী’ তত্ত্বের পালটা কুণালের]

It is to be noted that on Wednesday, Justice Gangopadhyay practically thrashed the board in the super numerical post or additional vacancy case. He ordered that the Central Investigation Agency should start the investigation on Thursday itself. CBI has to find out the brainchild of that ‘Super Numerary’ post. Besides, the CBI will also have to find out who made this ‘Benami’ application and submit a report within a week. The court observed, “These are ‘Benami’ applications. There is no law to post this supernumerary. It is an organized crime. Qualified candidates are roaming the streets and unqualified are getting hired!”

[আরও পড়ুন: নিজের পুরুষাঙ্গ কেটে জঙ্গলে ফেলে দিলেন মানসিক রোগী! চাঞ্চল্য বনগাঁয়]

Last May, the School Service Commission issued a notification for the recruitment of Class IV and III staff and more than 8,000 posts by creating supernumerary posts or additional vacancies in the ninth-tenth and eleventh-twelfth classes. Later, SSC also applied to take permission from the court. Recently SSC lawyer Sutanu Patra wants to withdraw the application for creation of super numerical post. The chairman and secretary of SSC appeared with all the documents as directed by the court. The court wanted to know whether the commission had any guidelines for advocates to apply for re-appointment of ineligible candidates to the SSC authorities. However, the chairman of the commission said, “The decision to withdraw is the commission’s.” But he does not know who ordered or who took this decision. Only then SSC had to face the judge’s question. Earlier, the commission had told the court that, besides giving opportunities to the deprived, these additional vacancies were made to reinstate those who got illegal jobs.” The commission claims, “Many have been working for three to four years, they have families, thinking of them, the court’s judgment has been requested to be reconsidered.”

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