Bhediya Review:

1- The forest has to be saved

2- Discrimination has to end for the people of North East

3- To explain the connection between humans and animals

4- To explain the folk tales and beliefs of the jungle

5- To show world class VFX

6- Make the audience laugh out loud

7- Both the beauty and the scary form of the forest have to be shown.

8- And it’s scary too

The story of Bhediya moves forward with this 8-point program. Now for a film which is of 2 hours 36 minutes, which will also have songs, will also have some romance… It is very difficult to include all this in it. Writers Niren Bhatt and Amar Kaushik have played this difficulty brilliantly, Bollywood has to learn from it.

Meaning watching a movie in 3D is an experience. In the story of the film, when Bhaskar becomes a wolf, you find this transformation so real that you feel that your own bones are breaking. When the wolf goes into the jungle and the beauty of the entire jungle along with the virus is shown, it feels like watching Disney’s Jungle Book. Seeing such a tremendous VFX work, it seems that we are indeed on the way.

The first half of Bhediya sets the mood i.e. it is the story of Bhaskar reaching Arunachal Pradesh from Delhi. Conspiracy to cut down forest trees to build a highway, glimpses into tribals’ belief in the forest as their god, sets up Bhaskar-Janardhan and Jomin’s chemistry, entry of veterinary doctor Anika and Panda’s warning Creates atmosphere. Makes you laugh a lot, but still there is a bit of emptiness in the first half, because the effect of Bhaskar’s wolf transformation is in the first half. That is, so much happens, but your hunger just starts, just like a starter before a meal.

The second half shocks you, makes you laugh, scares you and gives you such surprises, for which you are not prepared at all. The matter of forest and environment has been explained in Bhediya so easily without boring classroom, that you will speak against cutting of even a single tree. This film also gives such a simple solution to the discrimination that has been going on with the people of North-East for decades, that the mouth becomes sweet.

Instead of howling to call the wolf, Himesh Reshammiya playing Tera Surroor, Shehnaaz Gill fitting the dialogue of Kya Karoon Main Mar Jaaoon, Sanjeev Kumar’s Jani Dushman Se, Rahul Roy’s Junoon and then songs for Gulzar’s Jungle Till Jungle Baat Chali Hai, Niren Bhatt has woven the script of Bhediya very well. Not a single joke written by Niren lands wrong… All the comic sequences leave their impact with the feeling of horror. Amar Kaushik has handled this film very well, did not let it disintegrate for a moment. He has the ability to teach while laughing. Cinematographer Jishnu Bhattacharjee has presented the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh, the fear of the jungle and its beauty very well. And the visual effects are such that you will be mesmerized. The idea of ​​not making Thumakeshwari a part of the film and using her for promotion is brilliant. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics and Sachin Jigar’s music are perfect according to the situation.

Now coming to the performance. Although Varun is the life of Bhediya, but this time Abhishek Banerjee has scored maximum numbers with his powerful performance. Abhishek’s comic timing in the character of Janardan is so perfect that you are listening intently to his punches every time. Varun Dhawan has given the defining performance of his career. To end the differences between Bhaskar and Bhediya, Varun has laid down his life. Kriti Sanon is the surprise packet of Bhediya, from the beginning till before the climax, Kriti as Dr Anika would have got some more space, but her character twist at the climax has increased the graph of Bhediya. Deepak Dobriyal shines in his character. Yes, Saurabh Shukla’s role is like a guest appearance, but who doubts his ability. Sharad Kelkar leaves an impact in his second role as well.

Watch Bhedia, to learn, to understand and to laugh…that too in a theater

Ashwani Kumar: 3.5 stars to Bheriya.

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