Is your phone internet still BSNL?
Are you currently using a landline phone? Why did you avoid BSNL??
Did IDEA, JIO and AIRTEL give you more rate than BSNL??
Do you call AIRTEL, IDEA and JIO employees as sare sare as you call BSNL officials sare sare ?? If KSEB has competitors like when Jio, Vodafone and Airtel came challenging BSNL, the public got better service??? Won’t there be a change??? If we get better service and get rid of extortion including meter charges by KSEB, will it be good for the public??? Knowing that he is being robbed, the consumer who is helpless without choosing any other electricity distribution company other than KSEB, does not need any rescue??? If someone other than the KSEB company will provide electricity, will you not buy it?
You can now buy electricity from other companies even at the electric post drawn with public money…that is, they will provide the meter for free. It is enough to pay the electricity charge according to the consumption on a monthly basis. No deposit.. No meter charge.. No bribe.. Sir.. Sir.. No call. The Electricity Privatization Bill has been introduced in Parliament. If Adani or Tata provides electricity, will the world collapse ?Or will the voltage drop?? Aren’t private companies providing electricity in big cities like Bombay and Delhi?? Malayalees, who pay the highest price in the world for free water from the dam, will not have to pay anything more than what they are paying now, whether Adani or Tata comes. It is more likely to decrease.
In the past, it used to cost a minimum of fifty rupees to make a phone call to Bombay, and five hundred to make a phone call to the Gulf. When the replacements came to BSNL, now the calls are free. Also, do you remember paying money to OYT and waiting for years to get a phone connection and the phone technician’s hooliganism? If the elephant cart is sold to men, the public will be happy….the charge will also be reduced…the cart will also run. So who really cares now??? A politician can say in one word… Isn’t ours the only government company that does not qualify for a job by passing 10th standard? (KSEB) Huh? When it comes to the private sector, a 10th class loser does not get one and a half lakh, a driver does not get one lakh, and a thirty five thousand number does not get pension. Oochali union leader can’t throw MD. He can’t fill his own people. Then politicians should be afraid. People don’t need to fear. Let’s be happy. You will get a release from robbers. Extortion bills and collection like slab rate, cess, penalty advance rate renewal, rent etc. will be avoided. Within a state, many electricity suppliers will compete for customers. Now people can choose who they like like internet providers. Now we only have one KSEB and the government. Nothing against what they say. They are squeezing us as per their choice rate, bill and calculation. Kerala charges terrible rates for electricity. If the new central law comes into effect, the people of Kerala will get the most benefits. Kerala, which draws electricity from water sources, can supply electricity at the lowest rates in the world.


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