Transit of Mercury: Let’s see that the natives of any zodiac sign will be greatly benefited by the effect of entering Sagittarius.

Astrology is changing every moment. Planetary changes occur monthly, weekly or annually. It benefits some Rasi and sometimes harms it. Mercury is about to enter Sagittarius on the 3rd of the first week of December. Mercury entering Jupiter’s Sagittarius sign can greatly benefit Aquarius natives. The contact of Mercury in Sagittarius will benefit the natives of any other sign apart from Aquarius. Let us have a look at the effects of Mercury’s entry into Sagittarius and the natives of which zodiac signs will be greatly benefited.


The lord of Gemini is called Mercury. So if the lord of Gemini is directly aspecting Gemini then this transit is considered very auspicious for you. At this time in business, you are expected to make substantial profits. This time can prove very good for those who are doing their business in partnership. During this time you can get special benefits in terms of money. Traders can get any money held for a long time.


Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius can prove very beneficial for Leo natives. During this time, you can make a special profit from the stock market or any lottery or betting. At the same time, you are expected to profit from old investments. Your performance at work will improve a lot. Those who are trying for higher education can get news of scholarship from a good place. This time is good for love. You can spend good time with your partner. Those who are waiting for a child, may hear some good news at this time.


This transit of Mercury is going to bring happiness to Virgo natives. This transit can give you good results in terms of vehicles, property. During this transit, your relationship with your mother will be very strong and you will have her full support. On the other hand, if you have been planning to buy a property or thinking of buying a property for a long time, your wish may come true this time. Your work can be completed without any interruption. This period is going to be very lucky for those involved in real estate.


Due to the auspicious influence of Mercury, Sagittarius natives can get very good results in their professional life. This period can be very good for people associated with import-export, medical sector. Your relationship with your wife will also be excellent. Together you can start a big project. Along with this, you will also start working on future plans. This time can be very good for people doing business in partnership.


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This period is considered very special in terms of income and gains for Aquarius natives. Due to its influence, the expenses of people of this zodiac sign can increase significantly. But with this your income is expected to increase significantly. Luck will be on your side and this time you will reap special benefits of hard work done in the last one year. This period is also going to be very beneficial for those involved in education. You can get special benefits in the field of studies. This time is very good for those who are trying for higher education.


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