A post shared by a person named Mahesh on the Facebook group World Malayali Circle is gaining attention again. Many see this post as an inspiration to those who are waiting for an eyeball. A bit of a surprise, but reading what happened has given many people hope.

The full text of the note is as follows:

Sex is not easy. ‘Can you put your sperm in a syringe and push it inside your wife, isn’t it difficult for a baby for so long? Don’t waste this opportunity. Just give it a try. If the effort bears fruit, we will be lucky.’I did not hear any sounds of squeezing and circling in the rush of the local train.
The doctor’s words kept repeating in my ears. Is it because I am a nurse that the doctor said that? Can I do it like that? How will I present this to Pannu?

A flood of questions flooded his mind. In any case, I am wet, now I can take a bath. My thoughts are how to carry out the incident that the doctor said. Let’s go to the hospital and get a sterile syringe and jelly. I decided to go to the room and explain everything to Pannu in detail. If the doctor told the husband to push the sperm into the wife in the syringe, you must be confused now, wondering what the reason was? Done. Married life is going on very happily. Like many of us, we had already decided that the desire to have a baby after one year was enough.

‘Entalia, don’t put this off. Let it happen naturally. I’ll lie down and drink water now.’There were friends around me who were walking with the desire to have a baby as a dream. I didn’t listen to any of their advice then. Irregular periods were not a big deal till then. I started to understand the seriousness of it when I started trying for the baby. I decided to see a doctor. So we found a gynecologist and started walking. Finding a good doctor is a big difficulty. In the first checkup, the villain called “thyroid” was found. It was only when I realized that the thyroid was the cause of irregular menstruation that I noticed other symptoms like fatigue, hair loss, and mood swings. Thyroids are little villains. It was only later that we realized that powerful villains were about to enter the scene. And so the treatment began. After six months, the thyroid became normal.

The symptoms also decreased. However, nothing happened to give hope to our desire. We had already seen two or three doctors. The scan was done and it was understood that it was the beginning of PCOD. It was certain that the expected results would not be obtained if the patient was treated in many different places. We finally got to a doctor who gave us hope that our dream could come true.

Ovulation was checked at each checkup. The next problem is not producing enough eggs for reproduction. Medicines are given to balance the hormones. Trust in the doctor is the most important thing in the treatment. And what is needed is “patience”, an event that many of us lack. Another six months passed. When we did not see any results in the treatment we were doing, the doctor started saying that we can proceed to the next step. .”We started the injections as per the doctor’s instructions. I could take the injections at home myself. Scanning was done in the following days. By then, ovulation has started in a small way. Good signs. Normally one egg is enough for reproduction. But here, due to the production through stimulation, four and five eggs started to form. In this case, if you get pregnant, there is a high chance of having two or more children. Anyway, the doctor said let’s see what’s ahead.

The doctor told in detail on which days physical intercourse should not be done. As both of them were nurses, it was easy to understand what was being said. Things turned upside down when they started ovulating and growing. The spotted lady started having terrible stomach pains. There is no escape. It is writhing in pain. Do not give if it hurts
Medicines are given, but it does not change. There is no one else in the house. Everyone is at home, we are in Mumbai. ‘Dude, I can’t even turn around and lie down.’ Saying that, the spotted lady started crying. I was totally confused as to what to do. If you think you can go to the hospital, the hospital where the treatment is being done is very far away. I have to go by train. If I think I can take a taxi, the pain will only increase while traveling. ‘Honey, I will take an injection for the pain. The pain will subside.

The treatment we are doing doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Now don’t think about the physical relationship as the doctor said. Anyway, isn’t Pannu suffering so much pain, I will go and see the doctor. Pannu should rest for a while. I can’t be a mother.’My eyes filled with that question.’Punnu why worry, there will definitely be one or the other option. Don’t be afraid, everything will be fine. I will go and see the doctor. I reached the hospital and told the doctor about the situation. Ma’am’s reply was, ‘Ma’am, how is it possible to have physical relationship with someone who is writhing in pain while lying on his back? Did you not tell me about IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)? Is there any possibility of that.’”If it was to be done, it should have been done today. It is also unlikely when travel is difficult. All you can do is try. Take the sperm in a sterile syringe and push it inside.” I was shocked when madam suddenly said that. Could it be because I am so confident and open asking things that madam said that to me? Has anyone done this?

After going to the hospital and taking the syringe and jelly, I reached the room. Although I came to the room with the intention of doing something like this, but I didn’t feel like telling Ponnu about this.”Ponnu, let’s leave it at this point. The doctor said that we will look at some other options for treatment. There are still many options left. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” We waited so long
Don’t you get a chance bro. Even though I can’t do it, let’s try physical relationship. It was a failure. Having a baby is something that happens naturally when you enjoy sex without even knowing it. But there are many couples among us who go through difficulties in one way or another while approaching it with the desire to have a baby. Listening to their stories may seem trivial but only those who experience it can understand the pain.

Although the movie dialogue like “Sex is not a promise” is cool to hear, the realities of life have taught me that “Sex is not easy”. Today we have a two year old mon. If the length of the writing does not make the reading boring, I will also tell the story of how we got him. This story will not be complete if I do not tell it. The treatment continued again. After another six months, the doctor suggested a small surgery to burn the cysts found in PCOD with a laser treatment. We said yes and then did a pre medical checkup with some blood tests and a chest x-ray. When the x-ray report came, the result showed cardiomegaly (an enlarged heart).

When I saw the doctor, there was nothing wrong with the surgery and he said that if we have a fitness certificate from a cardiologist, then we can continue the treatment. Just then, sir, he did an echocardiography. It was discovered that Atrial Septal Defect (a gap in the heart wall) is the cause of cardiomegaly. The only thing that can be done is to close the gap with a device, there is no need for surgery, we can do it now or anytime later, sir said. He also said that you don’t have to worry about money, just pay cash for the device. It was a great relief for me. After getting pregnant, we were ready for the device implantation, thinking that there was no chance of a complication during delivery. The procedure went smoothly. Aspirin tablet should be taken for six months after ASD closure.

I went to see the doctor who performed the procedure and asked him about the treatments to get an idea of ​​what lies ahead. He said that in his work experience, women with ASD have been seen to become pregnant within six months or later of starting aspirin after ASD closure. He happily thanked him and got out of there. On the third day after the procedure, the wife began to feel a slight pain in her abdomen. After passing urine, the pain changes. When the bladder was full again, severe pain started. Working in this department has increased my worries. It was immediately decided to do USG Abdomen scanning. A blood clot scan of 4 cm size was seen in the leg where the tube was inserted for the procedure. When urine fills the bladder, this clot is pushed there. That is the cause of the pain. That complication, which happens to very few people, came to us.

All of them replied that we can wait for a few more days. If the clot dissolves by itself, we will be lucky. If it stays there and gets infected, it will have to be surgically removed from there. One of the lessons I have learned in my work experience is that no matter what the disease is, if it is diagnosed and treated properly, then there is nothing to be afraid of. So I didn’t give up hope. He was in pain for days. After about three months, the clot was completely gone. It was the strength gained from experience and pain that helped Pannu move forward, rather than the comfort of my words and proximity. After that, there was no need for any special treatments for pregnancy. Regular checkup and scanning were done. The doctor was prescribing the days to have intercourse. Within six months, our dream blossomed. Pregnancy confirmed. We celebrated that happiness, but the entry of villains in life was not over.

He also developed diabetes during pregnancy. After four injections of insulin, it was still painful. Even though we could not eat our favorite food, the knowledge about the nutrients contained in the food increased. Thus, the day we were waiting for came. I had already planned to have a caesarean section. After the delivery, when the nurse came out with the baby, I was shocked again. The baby’s face was completely blue. The reason is that the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck. The nurse said the baby would have to be kept in the incubator for a while. I remained calm, comforting the others without a heartbeat. Three hours later I went and saw the baby. He lies in the incubator as a baby boy, turned blue. He is our pearl.” Vivaan”


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