Many exemplary in the country Kochi is the one who created trikas Shtra Airport (CIAL) Puti Taking a step further. Their business jet Te Next month in Rome Chief Minister Pinara According to Yi Vijayan Paying. The first chart of the state The concept of R Gateway is BC At our jet terminal Witness through Because of C. Business Jet Survey Such things, entertainment Rum, business conference We are together This is the platform for pick up Charter Gateway Pr Siyal Adhi said that it would be worth it Krithar says. By chartered flights It is becoming more and more important This is Laman. State and State Charter Flight May The importance of the area has increased It is a line. Many business and private jets are coming here. The great Mr. who opens this sector The duties are very sub Sial’s plan to meet I hope you will help me.

State Private Jet Terr Mines Prov Five planes arriving C. as one of the forms Why is it changing? Not only that, the largest B Sinus Jet Terminal and Cia Lin’s. A huge expense Rich worked Because of that, Charte Red Airline The cost is less Sial can cough Yumenna Airport Company Your managing director Ketter S. Suhas takes a chance Th. 30 crores in 10 months. Termi completed construction Private car park in Nil Convenience for king, drive in po Rch, Lobby, Lounges, B Cine Center, Check-E N, Immigration and Customs s, Health and Security Sumv Rice, duty free show P, Foreign Exchange Co Ander, video conference ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ They are together. It needs a lot of security Mulla VIP guest Safe house is also ready for that n.

Leisure travel and business con The French and the international All meetings are coordinated Guest to the state Attract more people Can do. That is why the tourism sector And look forward to Sial’s plan Please have a look. State chartered flight survey Revolution in the industry Sial Matru for good changes Adhikri is opening the way Their expectation.
Crops on a large scale during the Covid period This is an area that Rcha has reached Th. Safe and effective Chartered flights for the trip Listeners have increased. Less expensive than commercial flights Riyathanu is a private jet traveler It is a good section removed from this sector Stopping. Extremely low cost Service can be done there There are more people here can be attracted to Abroad with family Chartered flights for passengers Those who like This is the area that exists Those who are related say.

The future of the aerospace industry is ahead Activities from Thank you in advance Great achievements have been achieved It is the airport In Tumpasheri. The world’s first complete sou Rorja Airlines The main specialty is lam should
After KSEB in the state The latest electronic product Picking is also Sial. Their hydrotherapy plan Prov After Ratnam started Mr Shama is. This has less impact on the environment "Run of the river’ project Pita Seshi is 4.5 MW. Payyannoor solar power plant here It will be inaugurated in early March That’s it. Pana without filling the slope of the earth Earthquake that establishes Lu This is a fourth generation solar plant. With an installed capacity of 12 MW. Kochi Airport Area Solar power plants in Rameyanu Payyannoor Plant and Prov Thanam started.

This is a new scheme And saw the income from it Sir Sial’s effort Encourage in various ways It is necessary. Quality of service In Airport Council E International (ACI) Er Received international honors It is also close to what is available in Thi Sial Lat. Safe travel during covid conducted by "Mission Safeguarding’ scheme The company received this award He was living. Matru, who is catching global attention Ka plans are still sialy Let it be from


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