Odisha FC-4 East Bengal-2

(Pedro-2, Jerry, Nanda Kumar) (Hawkip, Mahesh Singh)

Steven Constantine’s men cannot explain how a team can go from two goals up at the break to four goals in the last 45 minutes. After this helpless surrender of red and yellow on their own ground, in front of their own fans, only one thing can be said that this team is not ready for anything big yet. After winning two matches in the first six matches, the East Bengal coach said with pride that if this continues, he will secure the logistics of being in the first six. But no one thought that within a day that team would face like this. It was not even possible to think. Seeing the power of East Bengal in the first half and leading by two goals, did anyone think that this team would score four goals after the break? Needless to say, East Bengal had to digest four goals due to the fault of the defense. Both goals were scored by right back Ankit Mukherjee. A goal-scoring substitution is only seconds after the goal is scored. By that right side. But only Ankit or Sarthak should not be blamed for this. The entire defense is responsible. After the break, Pedro Martin turned the game around with two goals in the 47th and 48th minutes. He was man of the match for good reason. And VP Suherd, who played for East Bengal in the first half, was left with a black face at the end of the match. After this victory Odisha came third with 12 points after playing six matches. And with six points in seven matches, East Bengal fell to eight.

Odisha has always been ahead in the fight between East Bengal and Odisha. After this match the score line stood at 4-1. Among them, the neighboring state’s team has six goals or five goals. But after going two goals ahead in 35 minutes, it looked like East Bengal would avenge the old humiliation. But what where? That is darkness. But after watching East Bengal’s game in the first half, you will say that you have to leave the field with great shame. Steven Constantine is trying to build the team. Barring injury, he keeps himself confined to the starting XI. That’s Kamaljit in the goal. Ankit Mukherjee replaces Sarthak Golui. He is flanked by Ivan Gonzales and Lalchungnunga Lal. Pritam Singh replaces the injured Jerry at left back. Suher, Charles Kiriakou, Jordan Doherty and Naoram Mahesh Singh in the midfield. Clayton Silva and Sembai Hawkip up front. This team was playing attacking football from the start and creating one goal situation after another. But at the last moment, the goal was not scored due to not taking the right shot. That came at 23 minutes. Suh latched on to a long through pass from Doherty and put in a good ball for Howekip. Hawkip defeated Amarinder with a right foot shot. After twelve minutes, East Bengal scored again. This time Suher is behind the goal. But this time he raised the ball from the left side. And Mahesh Singh, who was waiting for the opportunity, made it 2-0 with a wonderful shot.

After that there is nothing in the match. But how awful it is can’t be believed until seen. Substitute striker Pedro Martin came off. The 30-year-old Spanish striker scored two consecutive goals. He paid for the first goal with a long shot, taking Ivan Gonzalez by the neck from Diego Mauricio’s through ball. And as soon as the first goal was lost, the second goal. Now he heads from the left side. Odisha tore East Bengal apart just as a tiger, after tasting blood, pounces on its prey and tears it to pieces. In the 65th minute, Jerry scored with a gentle header from the left side. Where are the defenders of East Bengal? Goalkeeper Kamaljit missed the flight. But East Bengal’s atrocities remained. As soon as Ankit’s replacement was successful, Nanda Kumar took the ball from his side and scored with a shot that hit the floor. And thus ended Rajini’s nightmare for East Bengal.

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