Jhajjar. Dog is considered as the most loyal animal and best friend of man. Despite the friendly nature of dogs, some dogs sometimes become aggressive and bite humans. As soon as the winter season starts, the cases of dog bites are also increasing in Jhajjar. Everyday patients are reaching the civil hospital to get vaccinated. Pharmacy officer Shalu told that about 7 to 8 patients come to the hospital to get vaccinated. In which there are more patients of stray dog ​​bites. At the same time, one or two patients also come due to the bite of a pet dog.

It is said that nowadays people are very fond of keeping dogs in their homes. Also, people who love animals, they also provide food and drink to stray animals. But now the number of stray dogs has become very high, due to which dogs are also attacking people. Now the situation has become such that the owners of the dogs are being attacked by their pet dogs. On the other hand, the growing crowd of stray dogs has troubled the people. At the same time, pet dogs are vaccinated, but stray dogs roaming the streets are becoming the biggest problem for the lives of people. It is not necessary that rabies is caused by the bite of a mad dog, even if a normal dog bites, a person can become a victim of rabies.

Experts say that November-December is the breeding season of dogs, in the meanwhile new puppies are also born. When the puppies are born, the mother becomes more aggressive and tries to touch or do anything with the puppies, then the bitches attack her, due to which there are more cases of dog bites in the month of December. 29 cases in September, 130 in October, 50 cases till November 20 have been registered in the district hospital.

Patients of monkey and dog bites are coming in front. At the same time, cat bite patients have also been registered in the hospital. Now there have been 1 cat bite patients in September, 6 in October and 5 in November. Pet dogs should also be careful. Even if dog keepers claim to vaccinate dogs against rabies, many times people forget to vaccinate them. That’s why its poison can also be harmful. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the victim to survive, so immediately after the dog bite, all the vaccines should be given at the appointed time.

Doctors say that when a dog is brought home for adoption, it should be properly trained. But people often do not do this. Dogs become aggressive for many reasons. Apart from this, the weather also becomes the reason for the dogs to attack. Like some foreign breed dogs like cold weather and they live peacefully in this weather. But nowadays people are rearing these dogs in Delhi-NCR, where the climate is not favorable for them. Aggressiveness is increasing in dogs due to heat intolerance.

Doctors say that many people bring a dog and tie it in a corner of the house. Such dogs rarely socialize with people and become aggressive when confined. One of the reasons for dogs being aggressive is the unbalanced diet. Many times dogs in homes are given more food than their dose, or their work-out is not in that proportion. In such a situation, physical energy is not fully utilized and this also makes them aggressive.

Doctors say that apart from rabies, people are also at risk of zoonotic disease due to dog bites. The Lassa virus of rabies is found in dogs, cats and monkeys. Due to the bite of these animals, rabies infection occurs when the saliva reaches the human body. People believe that if a pet bites, then there is no danger from it. While this is an illusion. Dog bite should not be neglected and it should be treated properly.

CMO Dr. Brahmdeep Singh said that in the year 2016, the Supreme Court had prepared a panel to give compensation in dog bite cases. The panel made five suggestions to the Apex Court. In which training of medical staff in case of animal bites, anti-rabies vaccine in all hospitals, waste management, curbing stray dogs and vaccinating pets were talked about. But the stray dogs have not been vaccinated till date. In first aid, after a dog bite, wash the wound immediately. Detail can be used. After that get rabies vaccine done immediately in the nearest hospital. Rabies vaccine is available in Civil Hospital.

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