The mind is full of curiosity and desire to watch the first match. Qatar National Convention Centre, formerly the main media center Arriving at The journey started from Maddar Khadeem Metro Station. The magnificent metro stations are more beautiful than the airport.
The fun is when you board the metro. On one side, the excited Qatari fans. On the other side, Ecuador fans wearing yellow shirts. They are singing loudly… dancing… total jagapoga….

From the main media center near the Qatar National Library Bus to Albeit Stadium which is 40 km away. Match report at 7 pm (9.30 IST) in the afternoon At three o’clock he left. There are media workers from different parts of the world in the bus. Abdul Azina, a Malayali, was the driver. World Cup organizers and media activists to visit Ro Even though Dil knew that there would be a separate lane, other vehicles When it was taken over, it became a severe past. The distance that should have taken an hour took two hours.

The situation outside the Al Bait Stadium is also dire. Media activist entered Shesham Maidana campus for security check Re was stopped by the security personnel. Provide a smooth path for the arrival of royal representatives and others They were! Cavalry soldiers and other security personnel from Ottakappuram Welcome to the king and his family. To the security personnel who did not open the road even after going like that for three and a quarter hours. There was a protest. When at last they broke through the ring and entered one by one, it was time It’s over.

The journey back to Matsarasema was tiring. No one knows when the bus to the media center will arrive. For half an hour… for an hour… waiting for thousands Dharma activists lost their patience.

75-year-old from France with 11 World Cup caps Swadeshi Sharts, a once in a lifetime World Cup experience It was said that it was not done.
After two hours, a bus came. Then many buses. Memories of knocking to enter the theater for the first show on the first day. T knocked. After an hour bus ride and subsequent metro ride, it was two in the morning. At residence.
Bed with a prayer that the bitter experience will be the last. Ngi.


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