Brazil: 2 (Richardson 2)
Serbia: 0

Dulal De, Doha: Not an incident. No mistake. Brazil started the World Cup (FIFA World Cup) like Brazil. The scoreline says the result of the game is 2-0. Both goals were scored by Richarlison. However, this scoreline does not say how much power Brazil has shown in the whole match. Especially in the second half, this scoreline does not say how the young and agile Brazil team is playing with Serbia. Apart from the start of the first half, Serbia could not challenge Brazil even once in the whole match. That is the biggest success of this Brazil team. Tit’s boys showed why this year’s Brazil team is considered as one of the favorites of the tournament.

Two major incidents have already occurred in the World Cup. Naturally, the fear of that incident was haunting the Brazil camp before going into today’s match. Tete Brigade was therefore extra cautious before going against Serbia. At the beginning of the match, instead of going for an all-out attack, coach Tite took a slow policy. He was trying to attack using the skill and speed of Rafinha and Vinicius Jr on the two wings. Neymar can be seen operating from the bottom these days. But coach Tite’s slow-moving policy did not help Brazil much in the first half. The young Brazilians did not give their best as they overpowered Serbia. Despite this, Brazil created at least three good chances in the first half. Midway through the first half, Serbian goalkeeper Savic practically pounced on Vinicius’ legs like a tiger to save a sure goal. At the end of the first half, a mistake by Serbia’s defense led to another chance for Vinicius. But the Real Madrid star could not use that either. Rafinha wasted the opportunity awkwardly in the middle. As a result, Brazil could not open the scoring in the first half.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘মৃত্যুকে আর ড্রিবল করতে পারল না দিয়েগো’, মারাদোনার মৃত্যুবার্ষিকীর আগে স্মৃতিতর্পণ সতীর্থের]

Coach Tite changed tactics at the beginning of the second half to break the Serbian defense. This time, Neymar, Rafinha, Vinicius’ treble began to attack in a cut-cut style from the beginning. Richarlison was in front. Serbia’s defense looked shaky early in the second half. An hour into the match, Alex Sandro’s long-range shot virtually opened the Serbia goal. But this time it was Brazil’s turn to be the barpost. However, Samba Boys did not have to wait long to score. Within a couple of minutes, the desired goal came from Richarlison’s feet. Vinicius’ Zoral shot from the right wing was saved by the Serbian goalkeeper in the first attempt, but the young Brazilian star made no mistake in pushing the ball into a practically empty net from the rebound.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘মেসির সঙ্গে যারা বাবার তুলনা করে, তারা ফুটবল দেখেও না, বোঝেও না’, বিস্ফোরক মারাদোনা-পুত্র]

Once the goal was opened, the speed of Brazil’s play showed that more goals were to come. The second goal also came from Richarlison’s feet. The previous goal he scored like a opportunistic striker, this time the goal that came from his feet was truly world class. The way he curled a bicycle kick into the Serbian net from Vinicius’ high cross from the right was truly spectacular. Early on, this goal was a contender for being one of the best goals of the tournament. However, there were several scoring chances at the end. However, Serbia has been narrowly saved time and time again. Otherwise, there could have been at least three more goals. Richarlison’s brace gave Brazil a much-anticipated win on the day. And this victory of Brazil sent a message to the rest of the teams, this time Tit’s team will not leave anyone to talk easily.

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