In Rajarshi Gangopadhyay: ‘You’re up’. The ‘reel’ can be seen by entering Instagram and going to Cristiano Ronaldo’s profile. Three fast bodies, three-three Cristiano Ronaldo, waiting for a crazy ball that flew out! The first is the current CR at thirty-seven, a young man wearing the number 17 jersey, and lastly Cristiano Jr. All three of them are hitting volleys like bullets, tearing the net at the moment, and at the very end, at the end of all the writing – You are up!

It’s all a publicity stunt for the Portuguese superstar. Propaganda is, but does not carry a double meaning when going anywhere? You can see and think through both sides of the mirror. This may be symbolic of the famous father quietly handing over the scepter of rule to his son before sunset. Again, football itself may be the prelude to the cup-landing of the greats. Whatever the meaning, advertising time makes a lot of sense. Posted just twenty four hours before Cristiano’s departure against Ghana.

And who knows why, the mind says the second is correct. It is his, alone his blowing of the ‘Panchjanye’ of war. Fifa (FIFA) should have given, but where is he giving? In all the publicity that has been going on ahead of the World Cup in Qatar, the one and only face is the cheeky, lightly bearded Lionel Messi. It’s also being written quickly as ‘Leo Messi’s Last Dance.’ But the World Cup in Qatar is the last poem of any Cristiano Ronaldo, who is thinking about it? Footage of CR’s sky-high jumps and defense-piercing goals began airing on Wednesday evening. But as the light of a hurricane blinks next to the sun, so is ‘The Beast’ next to King Leo in the FIFA campaign.

[আরও পড়ুন: বিশ্বকাপে নামার আগেই রোনাল্ডোর জন্য দুঃসংবাদ, দু’ ম্যাচের নির্বাসনে মহাতারকা]

‘The Beast. ‘El Biko’. ‘GOAT’. Titles are not less for him, he is the top scorer in international goals (117). Cristiano has an ego too, and it takes a lot at times. Ronaldo often says, “The best time of my life, my own time!” Unfortunately for the Portugal captain, that ‘time’ keeps betraying him. Not allowing to score. Not allowing to score. Rather, the reserve of insults has been placed on the bench day after day, involved in unwanted debate after day. It can be thought, forty-eight hours before the start of the World Cup (FIFA World Cup) campaign, like the ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’, he is not the ‘Most Eligible Free Player’ of the football world overnight! The red jersey of Manchester United (Manchester United) has passed away in his life after Tuesday. Add to this the media trial of the country and abroad. They are writing about how bad Ronaldo is as a team-man, how much he has hurt United, how big a ‘corrupt’ crime he has committed by collapsing the ‘monarchy’ of coach Erik ten Haag and the Glazer family. No one sees how bloody he is after giving his all. No one imagines what it’s like to return to the whirlpool of pain with the grief of a dead child. Some of the media in the country threw a veiled challenge and wrote ‘Over to you, Cristiano Ronaldo’. It’s not a challenge, it’s a threat, hey, Cristiano, let’s see what you do in the cup!

[আরও পড়ুন: মেসিকে ব্যঙ্গ করে রোনাল্ডোর আদলে সেলিব্রেশন! সৌদি সমর্থকদের ভিডিও ভাইরাল]

CR7 himself knows that he has to show that. He knows that from the moment he steps on the field on Thursday, he will be followed by the media-dubbed ‘Hinakul’, every moment looking for comparisons with one of the ‘disgraced’ Leos against Saudi Arabia. If you can, the shoulders will lean a little, the excited teeth and nails will relax. But if they can’t, if they are the children of misfortune, they will sit and shake their teeth again, they will jump down to collect a lot of spices of sarcasm. CR, can you? Win at the beginning of the ‘last dance’? You’re up, Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo, you’re up. Break the cover, now it’s your turn!

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