At the beginning of the World Cup, the coach of Iran did not hesitate to condemn the fans in harsh language.

FIFA World Cup 2022: 'Stay at home if you can't support the team', Iran coach warns

‘If you can’t support the team, stay at home’, the harsh message of the Iran coach

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Doha: Just the World Cup (FIFA World Cup 2022) has started Meanwhile, Iran (Iranian) Criticism has started with the footballers of the team. Iran took on Harry Kane’s England in Group B on the second day of the World Cup opener in Qatar. The Asian team lost that match by 6-2. After that, the supporters of Iran are pointing fingers at Mehdi Taremid. Iran’s coach Carlos Queiroz could not keep quiet (Carlos Queiroz). What he said, brought up TV9Bangla.

In this time’s World Cup, Iranian footballers gave a novel protest in the first match. Iranian footballers did not sing the national anthem before the start of the match at the Khalifa International Stadium. Alireza Beiranvand, Sadegh Mohramira took this decision in support of the anti-government protests in their own country. Before the start of the match, Iran’s captain Alireza Jahanbakhsh said that it will be decided by the team whether they will sing the national anthem in support of the country’s anti-government movement.

Iranian footballers joined the anti-government protest over the hijab. Two months ago, a young woman died in police custody in Iran. A young woman named Masha Amini was arrested and taken to jail custody for not obeying the rules of wearing hijab and burqa. Two hours after being taken into custody, Masha was taken to the hospital in an ambulance with serious injuries. Then he died. Many have protested against the government after this shocking incident in the Middle East country.

Iran started the World Cup journey by losing to England 6-2. As a result, the footballers of this Asian team have been ridiculed from the gallery. In this situation, Iran’s coach Carlos told the team’s supporters in harsh words, if you can’t support the team, stay quiet and sit at home. Don’t mock the team. Iran coach Carlos said, “In 2014 and 2018, we received full support from our fans. And now what to see? I would advise fans who are not here to support the team to stay home. Why did they come here? Go against the team? If that’s the case, then we don’t need them.”

Carlos’s words are full of annoyance. He also said, “I think it is better to stay at their house. We don’t need fans who only support the team when we win. When footballers play, they can feel this situation.”

Queiroz lashed out at the fans at the post-match press conference. He added, “When I comment about Iranians, of course all Iranians are welcome in the stadium. They have the right to be satisfied or criticize the team, that’s not a problem. But those who come to disturb the team with matters that are not just football opinions, are not welcome. Because our boys are not just ordinary football playing boys. They represent a country. I have had the privilege of working in England, Portugal, many places and I know the passion of the game in England, Portugal, Spain and Brazil. The same is true in Iranian football. The passion for football is everywhere.”

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Harry Kane’s England are a strong team. As a result, this kind of match can have this result. But, after losing a match, if it is the home team’s fans who jeer the team’s footballers, then the footballers will lose morale. Therefore, at the beginning of the World Cup, the coach of Iran did not hesitate to condemn the fans in harsh language.


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