Fourth Pillar: Look at the light of the sky, look at the sky full of stars

Look at the light of the sky, look at the sky full of stars, look at the small wind on the side of the road, all this joyous arrangement is in vain without me… Some are crying loudly, some are crying silently, their pain is more. The trouble started on the day when I found out that the beautiful girl was suffering from a deadly disease, I knew that one day that disease would knock on the door again, I knew it would strike at an untimely time. However, at the time of departure, those accumulated tears will fall. Is it because the girl was beautiful? He is only 24 years old? Because she was a good actress? More than all these, we had a love story in our mind and head, a love story, a fairy tale was born, that love made us cry. The intense desire to live and the fight for it made us cry. In that sense, how big or actress was she? How much of that have we seen? She was beautiful, but only beauty cannot create such a Bengali pair of emotions. This emotion says that most people still know how to love, in the secret compartment of the mind there is Laila Majnu, Radha Krishna, in that compartment there is room for two others. The celebration of mourning will end one day, it will, long after that these two names will be there, sometimes they will suddenly come out, take a look, compare them. What is the fourth pillar of love today? No, let them stay as they are, let their love spread like a fire of melody on the blue horizon, let the noise cease, let them speak ear to ear. We go from love to unlove, instead of a lover’s story, today’s story is about a murderer. That killer not only killed a woman, he killed love, he killed faith, he killed a dream, brutally. That’s it today and a few more important things along with it. By now everyone has known that the boy’s name is Aftab Amin Poonawala, the girl’s name is Shraddha Walker. They were in a live-in relationship, living together. They had just moved into a flat in Delhi. Aftab allegedly killed Shraddha, then cut her into 35/40/50 pieces, then dumped her in a forest on the Delhi border. It is known that the murder took place on May 18, we found out five days ago, that means this incident was suppressed for 6 months, no one knew. Shraddha was an orphan? No, he has parents. Shraddha could not speak? No, he used to speak fluently, his friends say, he also used to work in an office. Surprise, the world has shrunk to become a fool’s box in the drawing room, our isolated island, that fool’s box informs. A father can know from that stupid box that his child is lying in pieces in the forest, a mother can know that her soulmate has been killed, a friend suddenly knows from that stupid box that his girlfriend has been killed by one of their friends. How many light years have we moved away from each other? Let it be, it can be discussed another day. Let’s talk about murder, well, how was this murder, what was done, how many pieces were cut? How did I know this? Aftab Amin Poonawala gave this statement to the police. Thinking, then it’s over, the man should be caught and hanged. But the matter is not so simple. If this Aftab Amin Poonawala appeared in the court and said, Dharmavatar, I was told these things forcefully. In fact, the court will reject that statement. So the civilized police kept this statement secret, started collecting evidence based on the statement, after collecting the evidence took him to the court and applied for punishment. Here, the police inform the journalists from day one, but still the journalists have to create interesting stories, meet the demand for exclusive stories. And the lawyer of the accused, after getting all the information, began to arrange the release of his client, the advantage of the murderer, the rapist. Because the court can sentence based on the evidence and not on someone’s statement. Until now Delhi Police could not take a single step without knowing the news of Aftab’s murder. Shraddha Walker lived in the house where she was killed, so her DNA on the fridge or the toilet or the bed would prove nothing, the fridge was cleaned for 6 months, the toilet was cleaned, the murder weapon, the mutilation weapon, nothing was found. No, some bones were found in the jungle, it belongs to Shraddha, it is not yet known, but it is known that Aftab killed him, but no information has come to hand to prove it. I mean very simple, clear picture, everyone knows who did the murder, but where is the evidence of the murder? The biggest failure of the police is that they have not been able to do anything except handing new stories to the journalists every day. So will get away with the lack of evidence? Yes, it can be like that. We have a recent example. On February 9, 2012, Kiran Negi, 19, was returning to his flat in Qutub Vihar, Dwarka area of ​​Delhi, when three men picked him up on the road in a red Tata Indica, one of whom, Vikas Rawat, went to intercept him, hitting him and the car sped off. Three days later, Kiran’s body was found in Rodhai village of Rewari, 30 km from Delhi, having been gang-raped and murdered. Rahul 26, Ravi and Vinod 22 years, these three were arrested by the police, it is known from the statements of the three, they raped and killed Kiran there. DNA test was done on semen, hair etc. lying in their car, hair DNA test was done on the dead body lying in the field, a piece of broken bumper of the car, wallet etc. were found there, mobile phone of the girl, pieces of her clothes were found from the place shown by the accused. These are printed on paper. A charge sheet of 40 pages is prepared. The lower court ordered them to be hanged. The accused go to the High Court. The same is ordered. The accused went to the Supreme Court, the verdict of the Supreme Court last November 7 said, the three criminals were acquitted due to lack of evidence. The accused returned home. No One Raped, No One Killed Kiran Negi. This verdict shows how inconsiderate the police are, how dishonest they are. What is the Supreme Court? 1) Criminals not identified, not a single witness identified the criminals. Before identification, the pictures of the criminals are printed in various newspapers, and the media portrays them as criminals. 2) Not a single witness identified the red Indica car used in the crime, the police did not do that identification. 3) The team of constables who arrested the three, the prosecution did not cross-examine them in the court, so the counsel for the accused did not get that opportunity, there is also a difference of opinion about where they were arrested. 4) There is a difference of opinion in the official statement about where exactly the dead body was found, who went to retrieve the dead body first, the police station diary was not put into evidence. 5) The statement of the accused is placed before it, but the said statement is not considered as evidence by the court. 6) Rahul’s wallet is said to have been recovered from the spot, but that wallet is not in the seizure list. 7) The hair lying on the dead body was kept as evidence, but the dead body was found in Sarse field three days later, why would this hair lie in the open for so long? The Supreme Court expressed doubts about this. 8) The post mortem report says that the girl died between February 10 and February 11, the police say between February 9 and February 10. Why this discrepancy? 9) There are several discrepancies between seizing the car and sending it to the forensic lab, which cast doubt on the authenticity of the DNA found in the car. Knowing that the accused may be criminals, the Supreme Court ordered their release. It is clear in the verdict that no one raped or killed Kiran Negi. At least we don’t know anyone like that. I don’t know if Aftab Amin Poonawala will come out through the loophole of the same law, but I know that this story of lovelessness, this story of murder will shake the foundation of many loves.


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