development? will be later Parliament session, discussion? Let’s go. Not only China is building roads, houses, bridges on the border of North East region, new information of separatism is coming from North East region. Discuss them? There is no time now. Why not have time? Because Modi ji and his cabinet are currently busy with Gujarat, Modi and Amit Shah have started coming and going, so that Gujarat does not burn its face after a thousand rhetorics. Millions of rupees have been deposited for that vote campaign. The first task for now is the Gujarat elections. Rebellion in various constituencies, there is no way to understand what Rupani and Nitin Patel’s followers are doing from floor to floor. So Modi said at the beginning, vote for me, I am the candidate in 182 seats, he heard it first when he came to Bengal. Mamata Banerjee said exactly this, she is a good learner, a pushover, just forgetting that she is not the Chief Minister, she is the Prime Minister. He said an important thing while saying these, that’s why today’s discussion is about it. He said, A Gujarat, Ame banau che, I have made this Gujarat. When our prime minister tells lies, we should learn from him what is called arrogance, not just lies. I was born with a chest of 56 inches, I am a Fakir, Jhola Leke Nikal Padenge, Na Khaunga, Na Khane Dunga, we heard these things from Modiji’s mouth. He is the one who says how meritorious he is, how he sent e-mails with pictures attached before Gmail came. In his own words, he told about his bravery, about catching a crocodile from a pond. We know this. Now he said, A Gujarat, Ame banau che, I have made this Gujarat. This industry, infrastructure, this new Gujarat of today’s Gujarat has been built by him. Let’s look at the truth behind this lie. Gandhiji himself called himself Beniya, the trader. Why? The historical fact is that even before the invention of airplanes or ships in our country, i.e. before the Dutch, the British, long before the British, there was trade from the West. Shakas, Huns, Pathans, Mughals, and even Europeans came from that west, on horses and camels. Persia means Pasha from Iran, from Iraq. Even before that, the contact of Mohenjodaro civilization with the Mesopotamian civilization of that western land, on whose threshold Gujarat, which still could not hold the water of Narmada, was not cultivated, various vagrant tribes lived in various parts, even African Negroids, still exists. There is no farming, no animal husbandry as such, but the produce is coming, the people of the area are taking part in that bikini, making profit, becoming historically Benya, Gandhiji only uttered that historical truth in the nineteenth century. As a result of the first colonization by the English, a renaissance came in Bengal, a tide came in the study of knowledge, literature, music, art practice started in Bengal historically, that trend is still maintained, it is not that Bidhan Roy, Jyoti Basu or Mamata Banerjee have played a big role for this. Just like that Gujarat still trades at a great height, its credit to history, to geography, not to Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi. Now come to the history of development of Gujarat after independence. Two major events, the first is Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation stone of the Narmada project, there are many objections to that river project, many people lost their homes, many people had to move to other places, many people opposed the relocation. But it is also true that because of that Narmada project huge land in Gujarat became arable, Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated this project, yes that project was fully operational during Modiji’s time. It is not that he came and the Sardar Sarovar Dam was opened. So what is the need for this Bawali? Ah Gujarat, ame banau che, is there any justification to say that this Gujarato is made by me? The next important thing is that the CPI, CPI, who dreamed of collective farming, startled the White Revolution in Gujarat by Varghese Curien, with Gandhi-Patel disciple Tribhuvandas Patel, who set up the first dairy cooperative in Anand in 1946. Verghese Curien took over in 1960-61. Lal Bahadur Shastri inaugurated their fodder factory in 1964. The Milk Cooperative changed the face of rural Gujarat, at a time when the country’s milk production was declining, milk production in Gujarat not only increased, but Amul reached out across the country with many products—ghee, butter, pasteurized milk, condensed milk and more. Where is Modi? As the purchasing power in the villages increased, new demands were born, Chiman Bhai Patel of the Congress. Industrialization started during his time, whom many called Chor Patel, this Chiman Bhai Patel handed over Mundra Port to Adanis, Dhirubhai Ambani with Congress leaders giving birth to Ambani Empire, Birla Tata Dalmiya Goenkas to grow with industrial groups born before independence. Ambani, Adani remained. Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi is still not in the field. Then came the industrialization phase of Gujarat. Chief Minister Madhav Singh Solanki. Even Modiji does not have the record of winning the assembly under his leadership. Out of 182 seats, 149 seats belong to Congress. Many other industries grew out of natural gas refineries. Gujarat was number three economically in the country, Modiji where then? Then Keshubhai Patel, the first Chief Minister of BJP, Modiji was still the second level leader of Gujarat, even during Keshubhai Patel’s time, industry came, factories were built. Then on October 7, 2001, Modiji was installed as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, yes installed, with Guru Advani’s hand behind him, a decision that LK Advani later regretted. From this 2002, the politics of Gujarat began to flow in one direction, this Gujarat was the laboratory of politics of Hindutva, politics of militant nationalism. It is Modiji’s credit. Modiji built a new Gujarat without opposition not only within the party but also within the party. Atal Bihari cabinet minister, Ahmedabad MP Harin Pathak said, Modi is Gujarat, Gujarat is Modi. A bit like Devkanth Barua, who said Indira is India, India is Indira. Interestingly, actor Paresh Rawal was replaced by actor Paresh Rawal in 2014 without giving him a ticket. Harin Pathak is in oblivion today. Means Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from October 2001 to 2014. He says, A Gujarat, Ame banau che, I have made this Gujarat. During his tenure, the worst riots of the century took place in Gujarat, and even today the wound has not dried up. Leave them alone. Let us take a look at the real picture of the Gujarat he created. What is the condition of agriculture? There was progress or growth in agriculture till 2009-2010, but since then, cultivable land has been falling due to lack of water and electricity, 12-13 percent till 2019, there is no minimum support price for farmers, Carpus and groundnut cultivation in Gujarat has increased dramatically, in both cases. Farmers are severely affected by the introduction of contract farming. Modiji introduced a huge subsidy in the industry, many of which have been maintained, but where are the benefits on the ground? 93-94 percent of the workers are still working in the informal sector, their work equipment or system is still old, there is no modernization yet. 40-45 percent of people are still dependent on agriculture, animal husbandry, fish farming, milk etc. So what is the point of calling the industrialists with that huge subsidy? Government estimates say 40 percent of the state’s people are below the multidimensional poverty line, much lower than many other states in the country. And that truth came out during the pandemic, the world saw Gujarat’s health system that day. There is no doctor, no medicine, no oxygen in the hospital, it was the picture of the whole country, the picture of Gujarat is that the administration also vanished in those days, there was no person to control the lockdown, volunteers took the lead. There was no change in the Chief Minister, Bhupendra Patel was brought forward thinking that if Vijay Rupani was kept as Chief Minister then the incompetence of the government would come to the fore. Where is Gujarat in Human Index? In primary education, Gujarat lags behind Bengal in terms of child mortality, but the country’s prime minister proudly says, Aa Gujarat, ame banau che, I have made this Gujarat. What you are trying to portray as the Gujarat model is a model of inhumane land grabbing, a model of selling off government property, a model of brazenly oiling two or three industrialists. And this shameless lie has to be told because the boat is rocking, the boat can sink, and who does not know who is going to drown and who needs help. A drowning man is trying to survive by holding on to a straw, Modiji is trying to get through the election campaign by telling lies.

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