It’s not that you’re big, it’s what people call big, that’s big. Poems by Harishchandra Mitra. Modiji’s name was not even heard, not even read. So sometimes when he talks about his 56 inch wide chest, he is proud, then it is understood that he never has a 56 inch wide heart. Rather, what is called Barabole in Hindi, Hambra in Bengali, he is actually that. Vallabhbhai Patel did not call himself Iron Man, Subhash Chandra Bose did not call himself Netaji, Gandhiji did not call himself Father of the Nation, Modiji sometimes called himself 56 inch wide heart. When it comes to Pakistan, ghar me ghus kar merengue, surgical strike, what more. And if China is a diamond silence. What exactly happened in Galwan? The country still does not know. China village on border of Arunachal Pradesh, roads are being built, Modiji is not talking about it. The devotees said, hun hun bawa this is a strategy, let them build those few bridges and roads, we will collapse their economy floor to floor under the leadership of Modiji. And suddenly one morning the country came to know that several apps, including China’s TikTok, have been banned by the Indian government. The devotees gave a shout of victory, said, “Take it, understand this push, Modiji has given it one time and tighten it, now you will die if you don’t eat.” A few days later, the order was issued again, and some Chinese mobile apps were banned. Then Modiji gave another claim, Atmanirbhar Bharat, Local pay vocal, Make in India. What bahba bahba sounds in unison across the country. This is the first time India has spoken about standing on its own feet, no one has thought like this before. I mean Bhakra Nangal, Bokaro, Bhilai, Steel, Power, Five Year Plan, AIIMS, IIT, Bhava Space Centre, what were these? Who did it? What was the Golden Quadrangle at the time of Atology? What was mobile communication throughout the country? No, IT cell has clarified that it is nothing, India will be a world leader, it will be a 5 trillion economy. Make in India, Make in India, Productivity Linked Incentive Scheme launched in manufacturing industry, Jhanu and savvy industrialists jumped in, first take all the benefits, then the company will give it up. Threaten that 500-1000 people will become unemployed, etc., take advantage again. But Modiji said, the benefits have started to bear fruit, and little wait. When? In 2019. China has gone ahead by increasing this manufacturing industry, India will also go ahead. Devotees said, Boycott Chinese products, bought cheap Chinese magic lights back home and kept Diwali going. It’s been almost three years, how is the picture for now? Is China falling behind? Have we moved forward in Make in India? What’s up with Local Pay Vocals? There is no need for too many statistics, you can understand the situation only when you go to the market. 70 percent of the electronics market is occupied by China, from cheap toys on the sidewalk, home decoration lights, TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens to mobiles, robots are all from that China. Laptops to watches, gifts to wine making carbos are all coming from China, the rest are from Korea, some expensive brands are from Italy, Germany, but they are also made from China. You don’t need to read any book to know this, just go to Amazon, select any product, then check the country of origin. However, such a big country, so many people, should not come to a decision only by looking at the market, and the Amazon, the market or the sidewalk will not be able to understand how big the problem is, so let’s take a look at some facts. Let us say earlier that the information is taken from the government report on export import of our country, and with them we got some information from Chinese Customs A Database, CGSE Chinese General Administration of Customs which has been printed in various papers including Economic Times in the last few days. First let’s say what is this trade deficit? In very simple words, our country exports something to a country, imports something, the difference between this export and import is called trade deficit. It may be that we export more, export 100 rupees, and import 70 rupees, then our trade deficit is plus 30 rupees, which means we will get the money, and if it happens that we export 70 rupees and import 100 rupees, then it is negative. Trade deficit, we have to pay that money. In international trade somewhere trade deficit will be negative and somewhere plus deficit, this is normal. But what is unusual is that the minus trade deficit continues to increase, Modiji’s government has talked a lot about it, that is Make in India etc. Especially a country like China, who wants to drown the neighboring countries in their financial debt with an aggressive policy, it is almost impossible for China to repay the debt of Pakistan or Sri Lanka at the moment, it is necessary to do business with China, but if the trade deficit increases, the consequences will be won’t be good After Make in India, Tiktok ban etc. in 2020, we thought, at least in 2021 the trade deficit with China will decrease if not increase. What does the calculation say? In 2021, we imported goods from China worth $97.52 billion, and exported goods worth a little over $25 billion. The minus trade deficit that year was $69.38 billion. How big is this money? Let me give an example to illustrate that. In the last fiscal year, our country’s defense budget means 73 billion dollars allocated to the defense sector. On the other hand, the 56-inch talk is going on, the year is rolling in between, the calculation is available in the first 9 months of 2022, last year’s import was 97.52 billion dollars, within 9 months of this year we imported a little more than 89 billion dollars. Meanwhile, what is the news of exports? That also decreased, India’s exports in the first 9 months were $16.5 billion, meaning a trade deficit of $73 billion in the first 9 months. According to those in the know, the trade deficit this year will be around $100 billion. Means, assume the budget allocation for education, health, drinking water along with that defense budget. Many times the import of capital goods increases the trade deficit, after some time it decreases, because the capital goods, such as heavy machines, machinery, which will be used to produce various things, will be exported again, so the import in that sector ultimately gives profit, what we export to China. I did it but that tribe. Iron ore 878 million, down 73 percent this year, cyclic hydrocarbons 325 million down 58.4 percent, refined copper $319 million, down 63 percent. Human hair, from which China makes wigs and sells them around the world, worth $253 million, also fell 28 percent. But among what we have imported from China, machinery, mechanical parts, appliances have been imported worth 14.6 billion dollars but electronics, electrical parts etc. have been imported worth 22 million dollars, shoes worth 236 million dollars, furniture worth 534 million dollars, clothes 1.7 billion. Dolls and toys worth $163 million were imported. But for the last three years we have been hearing that productivity linked incentives are being given in all these cases. Where is it all going? Companies are making concessions, then disappearing. Before concluding, let’s give some data from a few years ago, the 56-inch miracle can be explained. Our imports from China were $39.3 billion in goods in 2012, $38.4 billion in 2013, $42.1 billion in 2014, $45.6 in 2015, $44.3 in 2016, $53.2 in 2018, 56.4 in 2019, 52.7 in 2019. China has started covid, 40.7 in 2020, covid is going on in our country, 62.2 in 2021 and import of 89.7 billion dollars in 2022. This entire calculation is for the period from January to September every year. Last year our total imports were worth 97.52 billion dollars, 89.7 billion dollars in the first 9 months of this year. Modiji’s Make in India is nothing but a pure farce, and the cheers of his fans are part of the farce.


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