The great episode is over, the anonymity of the Pandavas is also over. The wedding ceremony of Abhimanyu with Uttara, the kings of different countries came, there the Pandavas said, now they want to get back their country, the people of the country want an end to Duryodhana Shakuni’s terror. But King Duryodhana publicly said that without a war I will give Suchyagra Medini. Bhima sets out with the mace, but is stopped by Krishna. Bhima’s question, he means? We will not return home? Duryodhana will rule? Krishna laughed, said, there will be a great war, the world has never seen such a war, all the people, all the kings of the world will participate in it, everyone. We have to take as many honest people as there are kings, this is not just a war, it is a war against injustice, a war for evangelism. He needs preparation, the initiative of that preparation must be taken. This episode of Mahabharata is called Udyog Parva. From where Krishna’s diplomacy begins, collecting everything from weapons to soldiers, war materials, and in between telling the principles of the Kauravas, convincing the people of the world that look at the cycle, we wanted peace, even asking for five villages for five brothers to end this war. I wanted But Duryodhana does not agree to that, he wants war. Hence the war. Before that, there was a long initiative phase. In our country, in the politics of today’s Mahabharata, is there any initiative phase going on? Various events are taking place, some overt, some undercover, if you put them together it will be clear that a great preparation is going on on both sides. Today we talk about the opposition, tomorrow we can discuss the initiative phase of the ruling party. Just yesterday former BJP minister in Karnataka, Veerashaiva Lingayat leader UB Bankar joined Congress in the presence of state Congress president DK Sivakumar. And after a few months Karnataka elections. BJP in the state, BJP at the center, fear of ED, CBI, income tax, but this leader of Chief Minister Basbaraj Bommai’s area joined Congress. Who is behind? Not Yeddyurappa? He has been given the party’s top committee lollipop, but he is visibly unhappy, his supporters say. In Tamil Nadu, Stalin was bringing forward the language movement, a weapon of Dravidian politics repeatedly used against Delhi, and Mamata Banerjee was there just then. I talked to my brother, I talked to my sister, these things were said, but what else was discussed? It is not that two of the country’s two anti-BJP leaders just sit and play tea and biscuits. Chandrababu Naidu is again trying to revive the old relationship, BJP is measuring water, but the news of their new friendship is with Jagan Reddy. He said, don’t come to teach me those booth level politics, I am YSR Reddy’s son, he has improved his relationship with his mother, this is bad news for BJP. Himanta Vishwasharma is not able to handle Meghalaya-Assam relationship, on the contrary, 5 youths of Meghalaya were killed in yesterday’s firing. If you keep Meghalaya, Assam will go, if you keep Assam, Meghalaya. It seems that Himanta Vishwasharma has given up hope of Meghalaya. K. Chandrasekhar Rao did not support the Bharat Joro Yatra of the Congress, but the provision of security, drinking water etc. on the way was worth seeing. The reason? BJP is coming up, but for it to divide the anti-TRS votes, it is necessary to have the power of Congress, if the votes are divided, TRS will not only come back to power but also get more seats. Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari called Nitin Gadkari the Chhatrapati Shivaji of this era. Chief Minister Shinde is seeking the Governor’s resignation only for this reason, while Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said, will it happen again? Do not support his words, so the removal of the governor? The movement of Shiv Sena Shinde group MLAs is increasing in Devendra Fadnavis’s office, house, Chief Minister Shinde also has this news. He is shouting. Uddhav Thackeray said that Shinde is bowing to BJP’s pressure. Means Maharashtra khel avi baki hai, Sharad Pawar is sitting quietly? Is that so or not? A few days ago, Nitin Gadkari praised Manmohan Singh, who was promoted by Modiji himself as Nikamma. Is Nitin Gadkari thinking about retirement? Or going to start a new innings. Let’s go to Bihar, where the most interesting things are happening. It was already clear after the last election that Nitishkumar’s political future is getting dim, he is losing power, he has to obey the BJP. People have very little idea about the political wisdom of this Biharibabu, every time it seems that he is finished, he comes up laughing. No one thought for a second that he would shake Lalu’s hand again, nor was it thought that Tejashwi Yadav, the most powerful leader in Bihar for now, would accept the deputy chief ministership under Nitish Kumar. No one thought, Nitish thought, Lalu thought, Tejaswi accepted, is it only for that Deputy Chief Ministership? No, Nitish-Lalu-Tejashwi talked about a bigger goal that day. Nitishkumar still knows that there is an attempt to break his party, BJP will break his party. Some will go to RJD, some will go to BJP, he will be left alone, his political future is in jeopardy. A few days ago, journalists asked him whether his party and RJD are compatible? Merger? Nitish has defiantly dismissed it, telling reporters two days before leaving the BJP, that the JDU-BJP ministry will not last another 10 years. A day later he left the hand of BJP, held the hand of Lalu Yadav. Anyway, Nitish Kumar dismissed this question, but how important is the question? huge If JDUR and JDMIL go to Bihar today, not only the votes, but the cast base of the two parties will represent 75 percent of the people of Bihar. That means the two-party issue is important, if that is the case, and if the Congress and Left combine with it, the BJP will not even get 2-3 of Bihar’s 42 seats in 2024. Yes, today I can say that RJD and JDU are moving in that direction. RJD’s national conference was held. In fact, RJD is not a party that has something to say about the national convention, but this time, in a resolution on the last day of the session, Lalu Yadav and Tejashwi Yadav have been entrusted with the responsibility of deciding the name and election symbol of the party. mean? It means that the party may have a different name, the party may have a different symbol, when will it happen? This can only happen when the party merges with another party or parties to form a new organization. Mulayam Singh Yadav had such a dream 7/8 years ago, to bring together all the rest of the Janata Dal groups to create a new political structure that would take a back seat to the politics of the Gobolya and highlight class politics. Lohia Panthi Mulayam’s dream has not been fulfilled, but is Nitish Kumar, Lalu Yadav, Deve Gowda and Akhilesh Yadav moving in that direction? That’s why Lalu Yadav, Tejashwi Yadav took responsibility to quickly cut the complexity of the party’s name or symbol. At least we are 100 percent sure that RJD-JDU is coming together, it is not yet known whether Akhilesh, Deve Gowda will come together with them or any other party can come there. But it is clear that kuch toh pak raha hai. Congress is practically trapped in Gobolya, and Indian politics is not possible without Gobolya, as every political party in the country knows, it is very natural to come up with new equations and create new equations. So in the next 2024, the farmer shouldering the plow in the circle against the Lotus impression? The answer will surely be available at the end of the preparatory phase.

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