According to the second edition of the ‘HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022’, a recent survey revealed that around 56 percent of women in the country are now considering gaming as a full or part-time career option.

Gaming Career Option: One in two Indian women choose gaming as a career, says HP India survey

For Indian women, gaming is no longer child’s play, but a serious matter. Symbolic image.

Gaming In India: Gaming has changed the Indian landscape in a few years. Various mobile games from multiple foreign platforms have become popular in India. A few of them have been banned. However, it is interesting to note that gaming has become very popular among women in India as well. According to a recent survey, around 56 percent of women in the country are now considering gaming as a full or part-time career option. It clearly states that female gamers are taking gaming seriously, with 50 percent of women turning their hobbies into careers. The reason given in the report is that 45 percent of women are considering gaming very seriously because they smell good earnings from it.

According to the second edition of ‘HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022’, while becoming a gamer is the most preferred option, other options like becoming an influencer or a gaming software developer are also responsible enough to get them interested in the industry.

The HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2020 report reveals the percentage of women who view gaming with statistics. 92 percent of women in the country consider gaming as a source of entertainment and relaxation. About 58 percent of women consider mental activity and 52 percent of women consider the industry as their main source of socialization.

However, PC (Personal Computer) is the most preferred device for gaming among most of the women in the country. 68 percent of female gamers voted for PC. Because, they can save a more immersive experience by playing games from this device. According to the study, women prefer PC gaming as compared to mobile gaming as it offers better processor, design and graphics.

Vikram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems Department, HP India, says, “India’s PC gaming landscape has brought tremendous opportunities to the youth. Meanwhile, we at HP are committed to helping them by providing them with more knowledge, tools and opportunities in this sector. Their gaming experience can be better through OMEN community initiatives.”

The benefits of PC gaming are also prompting mobile gamers to switch, the report said. Because, 39 percent of mobile gamers are looking to migrate to a PC for gaming. According to the survey, only 2 percent of respondents received formal training in gaming. While most gamers rely on personal skill enhancements to upgrade their gaming performance, 32 percent follow a gaming star to improve their skills.

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Vikram Bedi added, “The strong focus on PC gaming has opened up a huge business opportunity for us. We are focused on providing the best experience based on user insights to make India’s holistic and developed gaming ecosystem a success.”


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