German suplexes are disliked by Mick Foley as well: Mick Foley, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, has admitted that he dislikes German suplexes. He claims that the action lowers the quality of life and shortens wrestlers’ careers. The best source for information on how different injuries sustained throughout one’s wrestling career might result in physical issues, later on, is probably Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy. Mick, who was known for taking risky tumbles in his day, has frequently said that he considers himself fortunate to still be able to walk today.

The former WWE Champion talked about the frequency of German suplexes in modern professional wrestling on his Foley in Pod podcast. He asserted that despite frequently experiencing uncomfortable bumps, he seldom let his competitors “throw him backward.”

“I’ll probably take some criticism for this being the guy who did a lot of risky stuff, but you noticed there’s no scar on my neck. You would think I would have been one of the first guys that would be in line for that surgery. I did not let people throw me backwards very often. There would be a time a guy like Rick Steiner would throw me, whether or not I wanted to go, but I generally had a plan B.”

Then he declared his distaste for the suplex, which is most famously used by Brock Lesnar.

“I don’t like German suplexes. I think that over time, they shorten careers and they destroy the quality of life, so people can attack me for that. Over time, it’s gonna wear you out,” said Mick Foley. [h/t]

“I did not let people throw me backwards very often. I just don’t like German Suplexes. I think that over time they shorten careers, and they destroy the quality of life.” – Mick Foley #wwe #WrestlingCommunity

Mick Foley outlines the differences between a chair shot to the head and a German suplex.

In the wrestling ring, Mick Foley has lost half of an ear, crashed through a flaming table, smacked into a wall, and gone through a burning table. As it was relatively common at the period, he also fired multiple chair bullets to the head.

Since we now understand how those strikes can result in concussions and CTE, most significant wrestling organizations have outlawed the maneuver.

The Hardcore Legend stated on the same show that while German suplexes could be more hazardous than chair blows to the head, they are still quite dangerous.

Wheeler Yuta and Daniel Garcia recently competed for the ROH Pure championship on AEW Dynamite, and during those throws, they frequently landed dangerously high on their shoulders.

Such an offensive appears thrilling and may even improve the match’s quality. But is it really worth it if it causes long-term problems for the wrestlers?


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