Avoiding the subtle defects of the newborn causes many problems with age. Director of the Institute of Child Health taught parents to recognize the child’s natural expression at each stage of growth. Apurba Ghosh His words were recorded by Moumita Chakraborty.

There are some important tests to know if the newborn is healthy or not. They should be done within hours of the baby’s birth. But not all are done in many hospitals, and no parents want to undergo some tests. This is where it goes wrong. The price of which has to be counted in old age. It is very important to check the test report and the child’s expression at each stage of the first five years of development.


Tests to be done after birth –

‘Tip to toe examination’ should be done after the birth of the child. By this, according to the doctor’s instructions, the examination is done from the scalp to the soles of the feet. What tests are there?
First comes the correct measurement of head size and weight. Brain development is inhibited if the skull is not open.
Sight is tested by the way light enters the eye, called the ‘red reflex’.
A hearing test is done right after birth, called ‘Universal Newborn Hearing Screening’. This test can be done at any age.
A newborn baby is checked for cleft palate or not. Many are born with a cleft palate. So monitoring is essential.
A proper examination of the heart and lungs is important in the next step. If there is a lung problem, the pulse oximeter shows low oxygen levels and rapid breathing. A major defect is known at birth and a minor defect manifests within 2-3 months after birth.

[আরও পড়ুন: ঐন্দ্রিলার প্রাণ কেড়েছে ‘ইউয়িং সারকোমা’, কতটা ঘাতক এই টিউমার? জানালেন বিশেষজ্ঞ]

By observing the abdomen, the doctor can assess the normal functioning of the liver and kidneys. If a child has low urine output and abnormal swelling, it can be assumed that a child has kidney problems.

A thyroid test is recommended three days after birth to determine genetic problems. Thyroid examination is considered essential for a child. But unfortunately, many children’s brain development is completely disrupted due to lack of timely thyroid testing. There are many types of genetic tests abroad but there is no such awareness in this country. And the cost is also a matter.


Take Care to Avoid Autism –

In this case, early diagnosis is important. Always look out for symptoms that appear before the age of three. What to watch out for? Normal babies eat while looking at their mother’s face while drinking breast milk, but children with autism are busy in their own world, do not connect face to face with their mother, fail to socialize, prefer to refrain from normal conversation with anyone. People with mild autism tend to prefer their own company through all stages of life. Separates from friends, prefers solitude. Parents should always be alert for outward signs. Only then can internal affairs be monitored and treated by doctors.

From birth to two months, it is important to see whether the physical activity of the baby is normal or not. And to understand whether intelligence is developing, it is important to observe whether there are expressions such as being silent when crying, looking while talking, etc. This phase changes with age. If the weakness or illness of any part of the baby is detected in the first stage of birth, it is possible to treat it and solve the problem quickly.


Things to keep in mind –

Whether listening to someone or looking at someone and smiling within 1-3 months of birth.
1.5-3.5 months whether there is attraction towards any object or not.
At six months, the baby moves forward from the back on the stomach and chest and turns its head with a bell-like sound, be alert if it does not.
In 5 months things will be given and taken from hand to hand.
At 7 months will try to sit and stand by himself using furniture.
At 10-12 months will start walking with help and from 15 months will usually start walking backwards and climbing stairs with help.
The above symptoms can be mild, especially in children. Seek medical advice immediately in case of any delay as many defects in the child can be cured with early treatment.

[আরও পড়ুন: টের পাওয়া যাচ্ছে শীতের উপস্থিতি, জ্বর-সর্দি থেকে শিশুকে কীভাবে বাঁচাবেন? রইল উপায়]


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