Gujarat Assembly Elections: Several other regional parties including BJP, Congress and AAP are busy campaigning for the Gujarat assembly elections, but there is a village in Rajkot district where political parties are banned from campaigning.

The people of Raj Samadhiyala village have banned political parties from entering and campaigning in the village as they feel that allowing candidates to campaign will be detrimental to the area. No political party can enter the village as they are banned from campaigning.

This village is 20 kilometers away from Rajkot.

Raj Samadhiyala village, located 20 km from Rajkot, not only bans political campaigning, but also imposes a fine of Rs 51 on those who don’t vote to ensure maximum participation during elections.

The Village Development Committee (VDC) has made many rules for the people of many villages which have to be obeyed. A fine is also imposed by the committee for breaking any of these rules. According to the information, till now about 100 people of the village vote and the one who stays away from voting, he is fined Rs 51.

1700 people live in Raj Samadhiyala village

The sarpanch of the village says that almost 100 percent polling takes place here. A small village with a population of 1700 has formed a committee. A local told that there are about 995 voters in the village and people here vote on their own free will. A few days before the poll, the committee members call a meeting of the villagers and if anyone is unable to vote, the committee has to explain the reason.

Sarpanch told that the rule of not allowing political parties to campaign in the village is from 1983. No party is allowed to campaign here. Political parties are also aware of this belief that if they campaign in Raj Samadhiyala village, they will face opposition and will also suffer in elections.

A local said, “Candidates are not allowed to campaign here in our village, so the people of our village vote for the leader who suits them.”

Another local said that political parties are also not allowed to put up banners or distribute leaflets. He said, “Here people vote in the elections on their own free will, but everyone has to come to vote.”

A local said, “I have been voting here for the last 20 years, but campaigning is banned here and voting is compulsory.”

Facilities like Wi-Fi to RO plant are available in the village.

The village has almost every modern facility like internet connection through Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras, RO plant to provide potable water, which makes the life convenient for the villagers.

According to the local people, now five neighboring villages have also taken the same decision. It was told that in this village, fine is not imposed only for not voting, but those who throw garbage are also fined.

Voting will be held in two phases in Gujarat

Voting for 182 assembly seats in Gujarat will be held in two phases on December 1 and 5. The counting of votes will take place on December 8. The state has long been a BJP bastion and the party is eyeing a return to power for a seventh term. PM Modi has been the longest serving Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014. In the 2017 Gujarat elections, the BJP won 99 out of a total of 182 seats.

The BJP may face a tough electoral challenge from the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in this assembly election. Isudan Gadhvi has been made the chief ministerial candidate by the Aam Aadmi Party.

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