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Fortune depends on the combination of planets and stars. How will this week go? Body and health will be okay? Amitabh Banerjee told this week’s Horoscope.


aries1Do not make any big investments this week. Business people stay focused on your goals. You may face some minor problems at work. Disruptions in the students’ studies will pass during this time. Beware of secret enemies in the middle of the week. Don’t waste money trying to please others. The period is good for musicians, dancers. During this time the scope and reputation of their work increased.


taurusOverwork at work can lead to injury. Increased investment in business will increase profits. Wife may be transferred to another city for advancement in her workplace. Job aspirants are expected to gain new jobs. During this time they may get alternative employment opportunities. Mother or maternal natives can be a financial burden for one’s illness.



Avoid disputes at work at the beginning of the week. Do not get involved in arguments with superiors at the instigation of colleagues. Businessmen have little hope of recovering their dues at this time. Don’t try to help anyone unnecessarily. He may even get your help. Drive carefully on the roads.


cancerEven if you work harder at work, your financial growth may not be proportional. Natives working in the private sector will try to change their workplace at this time. Excessive leverage in the business can lead to increased losses. Students will succeed in competitive exams even if they sometimes lack concentration in their studies. Some friends may try to harm you.

the lion


Earning money will be good this week. Accumulation addition can also be observed. Will be worried about father’s health but no major incident is likely. It is better for natives who wish to get married not to proceed with marriage this week. Although there is a temporary slowdown in business, there is a possibility of improvement in the coming days. Job opportunity will come abroad for success in child’s education.



Try to get along with everyone at the new workplace. Don’t impose your opinion on others. Due to excessive luxury and extravagance of wife and children, one may face financial difficulties. In the middle of the week some property may suddenly come in hand from in-laws. Bicyclists spend the week with extreme caution.


leoYou will see big changes in your career this week. Additional investment in the business will result in business growth and increased profits. Adolescent child behavior can cause emotional distress. Relations with brothers and sisters and relatives will be good. May the newlyweds enjoy life in love and love.



Scorpios should be aware of their children. Even if you are busy at work, try to give time to family and children. In business, with the help of a friend, there is improvement. Small farmers try to save crops from natural calamities. Good jobs can be lost due to job seeker indifference. Be careful while traveling by bus and train.


sagittariusPlanetary movements are favorable for you this week. You can get rid of any long-standing worries. Businessmen should not take any big decisions in haste at this time. Be careful with money transactions in the middle of the week. Plans to buy land or flats can be implemented with the efforts of children and spouse.



Financial difficulties can be solved a lot in this week. You will get a chance to earn money in many ways. Disagreements between husband and wife that have been going on for a long time can be resolved. You may end up in debt while showing the Baralokiana to your friends. Elderly natives may suffer from stomach problems and back problems. Avoid unnecessary arguments with neighbors.


aquariusPeople born under this sign can expect mixed results during the week. Although there will be financial improvement during this time, mental stress will increase due to any reason. Now is not a good time to invest in business. Don’t neglect your health. Beware of insect-borne diseases. Political figures can occupy high positions in their respective parties.



You can get some good news at the beginning of the week. The work that has been stuck for a long time will be solved at this time. Family celebrations may incur additional costs. So keep balance of income and expenditure in advance. You may have an accident while hiking in the mountains. The married life of the newlyweds will be happy.

ll Without dasha and antardasha the horoscope is not infallible. Only in the presence of Rasi will the Gochar result partially match ll

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