Pazhutara is known by many names in different parts of Kerala. Chakanni and Karingkanni are all used to describe Pazhuthara. It is said that the centipede got its name in English because of its many legs. It is a word that means centurion. And their method is to run fast. They catch their prey with the two front legs of the host. Blind vultures often mistake humans for prey and sting humans.

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Fever, chills, fatigue, and swelling are common to some people after being bitten by a gnat. After a day these will be cured.

Scavengers who can enter the house often work at night. Those who lie on the ground will get work. To avoid this kind of acne problem, you just need to pay attention to a few things.

Bedbugs can move in and out through small gaps between walls. So close the small cracks and holes in the wall. Carnivores eat small insects and ants. So if ants etc. are inside the house, get rid of them first. Avoid leaving food waste in the kitchen and rooms.

Ants prefer dark places and moist areas. So if there is moisture in unwanted areas, dry it. Always keep the house clean inside and outside. Make sure there are no obstructions in the drainage channel. People who live in apartments can also sometimes experience acne breakouts. Residents of flats should ensure that bathrooms are kept clean.

The fungus will settle in the small gaps in the bathroom and so on. If such gaps cannot be sealed, sprinkle salt over them. The presence of salt goes a long way in deterring pests.

Scattering the leaves of the plant (Pandan leaves), known as Rambhaila and Biryani Kaita in many places in Kerala, inside the house will also get rid of pimples. The smell of pandan leaves is endearing to humans but unbearable to insects. Otherwise lemongrass can be used like this. Applying mothballs will also keep the mites away.


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