Doha: It is winter in Qatar. But, due to the natural coolness of the atmosphere and the cold stadium. As the competition heats up, the fans get excited. It rained England’s goals in Iran’s net.

The field was heated by the waves of English forwards. In the first 15 minutes, England kept 94 percent of the ball possession and were in top gear. As a result, the Iranian resistance was caught. Meanwhile, their goalie Ali Raza Beyronvand is out with an injury. And did it. Then I closed my eyes and said that it was over before I opened it. R. Consecutive goals, only three in the first half.

Crowe from Luke Shaw’s left flank after a sustained attack. A goal by Sill youngster Jude Bellingham. Borussia Dortmund’s teenage star misses Iran Goli’s header T was not there. This is Bellingham’s first international goal. With seven minutes remaining, England dominated the competition by netting again. Solved. This time it was Saka’s goal and assist Manchester United D star Maguire’s. Xhaka’s spot-kick takes England’s corner It was the substitute goalie Hussain who hit the net.
With minutes to go in the first half, superstar Raheem Sterley Ng shot up.

Pass by Bellingham, intercepted by Bellingham, chance on the right wing. At the feet of Harry Kane, who was waiting. Sterling’s superb through-the-line pass Shot. With this, the first half ended with 3-0 English dominance. The game did not change in the second half. England’s fourth goal was the move that started with Iran’s goal kick in the 61st minute. which is Maguire Xhaka receives a pass from the center of the field. Transferred to Saka did not make a mistake as he cut four defenders and touched with his left foot.

Four minutes left and Iran’s consolation goal. Famous English goalie Pickford Pakachuni before Taremi’s shot of In the 71st minute, Xhaka was pulled back and Southgate was sent on by Marcus Rashford. Rd. A minute later, the goal was scored. The Iranian overcomes the defense by receiving the ball. A cool finish later, England 5, Iran 1.
Callum Wilson replaced Harry Kane in the 76th minute. Iran’s dead body with only seconds to go The final nail in the coffin. The move started from Bellingham to Wilson. There was a hidden off-side trap in the pass sent by Wilson. Jack Grealish threw his hat against Iran who did not mind.


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