News Daily Digital Desk: Germany – Already in Qatar (Qatar World Cup 2022). It took them twenty-four hours to get a hard-earned win against Oman. They have started practice after entering France-Qatar. After which the spotlight of the campaign turned to Kylian Mbappe.

They haven’t been to Argentina-Qatar yet. But they are close to Qatar. Yes, in the Middle East, in Abu Dhabi. Practice match also played yesterday. United Arab Emirates was blown away by five goals.
But Brazil – where are they? Why Brazil has not yet entered the practice match?

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Five-time world champion Brazil is not around Qatar. Neymar Junior (Neymar), Vinicius, Rodrigo are all in Turin now. What is the city of Juventus? Apart from that, Brazil has not even played a practice match so far. The fans of the yellow jersey are quite surprised after seeing that.

And Brazil is doing it, for one reason – to manage the workload. In fact, before the World Cup, twelve Brazilian footballers were playing in England. Some were in France. Neymar, Marquinhos. They came straight from France to Turin. Danilo and Alex Sandro were in Turin, playing for Juventus. And the three footballers of the World Cup squad playing in the Brazil League, Pedro, Wiverton and Everton Ribeiro coach Tite, along with the rest of the support staff, have come to Turin from Brazil. Neymar started playing club football a few days before the World Cup. Brazil wanted to keep the team close. The support staff of the five-time world-winning team felt that Turin was the ideal place to camp in that regard.

Brazil is entering Qatar on November 19. Their first match in the World Cup is against Serbia on November 25. Brazil is not playing the practice match either, fearing the risk. Marquinhos himself is still not fully fit. PSG defender joins Brazil practice on third day of training In fact, the World Cup is in the middle of the football season. That is why one after another footballers are getting injured and leaving the World Cup. Pogba, N’Golo Kante, Reece James, La Celso – none of them can play the World Cup due to injuries. Brazil doesn’t want any footballer to get injured while playing a warm-up match.

However, it is not that Khuchkhach is not felt. Midfielder Bruno Guimaraes and defender Alex Telles suffered minor injuries during team training. Rodrigo crushed Guimaraes with a boot. Telles was injured again in a collision with Neymar. In the field, their injury-treatment began. There is news beyond that. Brazil is bringing a special gift for the fans. The Brazilian Football Federation has tied up with the ‘Meta’ that owns Facebook. The fans will be provided with exclusive news of Teeter’s family through a robot. Fans can get to know everything from team dynamics to daily life of footballers.

There’s more. That is Tite’s future as Brazil coach. At first, it was said that Qatar will leave the World Cup to Brazil whether it wins or loses. But on this day, some official of the Brazilian Football Federation has indicated that he can change his opinion if he wins the World Cup. Pep Guardiola has been touted as Tite’s successor. But he wanted a huge amount first. Therefore, the possibility of bringing him as a coach in the future is less for Brazil.

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