Rohtak. It is important to inform the patients coming from far off places at PGI located in Rohtak, Haryana that OPD services will stop after 12 noon on Wednesday. Resident Doctors Association has again decided to close OPD after 12 noon in support of MBBS students. MBBS students are sitting on protest for the last 23 days against the bond policy of 40 lakhs. In such a situation, the patients reaching Rohtak PGI will have to take care beforehand. So that they don’t have to get hit. Due to this arbitrary pen down strike, the patients have been wandering for the last three days. Because of this, the number of patients in PGI has also reduced.

Let us inform that the OPD of Rohtak PGI starts at 9 am. Registration of patients arriving in OPD is done till 2 pm. And the doctors see the patients till 4 pm. But OPD services will be able to run smoothly for three hours on Wednesday morning. But all OPD services will stop at 12 noon. OPD services are being stopped continuously since Saturday in support of MBBS students. On Saturday, the doctors of the Resident Doctors Association were on pen down strike for only one hour. On the other hand, OPD services were stopped for two hours on Monday and three hours on Tuesday. Due to which timely treatment could not be given.

Distressed patient in PGI

Patients have to wait a long time for treatment even on Tuesday. Patients had to wait for three hours due to RDA strike. The strike, which started at 11 am, continued till 2 pm after the OPD was over. Due to these conditions, many patients returned from OPD without treatment. Elder Rohtash, who came from Kharati village, tells that he had a heart attack earlier. Since then the treatment is going on. Came to see the doctor in the OPD in the morning for treatment. Due to the strike here, the number has not come till 1:30. Because of this, they are still waiting at the gate. Now you have to come again.

63-year-old Balwan of Chimni village of Jhajjar says that he had reached the OPD of PGIMS at 9.30 am to get the card made. There is pain in the heel of his left leg. doesn’t go well. Earlier, they were returning back in the name of strike. After seeing it, he wrote X-ray. Now have to go round for the X-ray report.

Ramchandra, who came from Sukhpura Chowk, said that there is a fracture in the leg. When I came yesterday, the strike started at 11 o’clock, today I have come, so again they are saying that they will strike. That is why he came to the OPD at eight in the morning for treatment. Surendra of Sheetal Nagar said that I have fracture in my knee. The doctor called for an examination. Apart from this, yesterday also he had come to the OPD in the morning. The doctor had asked to get an X-ray done. When he returned after getting X-ray done, the doctor could not be found. They went on strike. So had to go back yesterday. I have come again today just to show X-ray.

Rajesh, who came on a hired vehicle from Singhpura Khurd, said that he had come to the OPD of PGI for treatment. There are iron screws in the leg bone. For this reason, I have brought an ambulance on rent of Rs.600. Reached here yesterday at eight o’clock. The doctor came after nine o’clock. After writing my tests and X-rays, there was a strike. Now I have to come again but the doctors are saying that they will see the stretcher patients later. Today again there is a worry that if there is a strike at 12 o’clock, then the rent will have to be paid.

Krishna, who had come from Jind in a hired car, said that he had stones in both his kidneys. Emergency came late on Monday night. Sent from here to OPD in the morning. By the time the number came, there was a strike. Despite coming at 8:30 this morning, instead of seeing, he is running here and there and I am in bad condition due to pain. No cure has been found yet. Came here in a hired car for treatment. Worried that if the OPD will be closed now, where will they go? The fare of the vehicle that had been brought has also doubled.

Officials of the PGI Resident Doctors Association say that they had already warned the government to withdraw the bond policy of Rs 40 lakh forced on MBBS students, but with the delegation of MBBS students sent to the government No positive conclusion came out of the conversation. In such a situation, it has now been decided that health services will be kept completely closed by going on an indefinite strike.

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