Kharkhoda. The marriage in Kharkhoda sub-division of Sonepat district remains a matter of discussion. In the marriage held in Khurampur village, the groom has set an exemplary example by not taking dowry. Dowry system is legally wrong, but still exists in the society. To remove this practice from the society, an initiative was taken in the nearby village Khurampur. In the village, the families of both brothers Narendra and Ravindra have set an exemplary example before the society by making a relation of one rupee each time. People praised the marriage without dowry and described it as an exemplary initiative. In the marriage, the bridegroom took an omen of one rupee and did not take anything in dowry nor did he take any kind of goods.

In marriage, both the families have set an example by giving the message of social change. Rajendra Dahiya, a retired social worker from Inspector in Delhi Police, says that the state government should honor such parents who set an example in the society by keeping their sons and daughters with only one rupee. Every family should come forward. Because many poor families are forced to get their daughter married by taking a loan for dowry. Which is dangerous for the society. He wished the family of Narendra Dahiya.

Narendra Dahiya, former sarpanch of Khurampur village and former member of block committee, told that they are two brothers, his brother is serving in Delhi Police. Dowry system is seriously spread in the society. In his family, when his elder daughter Ritu was married in Mirch village of Dadri. The boy Manjeet was engaged in the Air Force. The boy had clearly said during the relationship itself that the relationship would be of only one rupee. In the beginning, he thought that everyone says like this. But even after having a relationship, he said this thing repeatedly and assured that he will have a relationship with only one rupee, will not take any household item. Will do a relationship of only one rupee. Got married with a relation of one rupee. He liked it very much.

Since then he continued with the inspiration of his Bateu Manjit Sangwan. After which his son Neeraj got married last year to the daughter of Pawan Kumar of Bakheta. At the time of making the relation, he had kept the whole thing open that he would make the relation only with one rupee of paper. There will be no exchange of goods and money. In this way, now again the third daughter Neetu in their family was married to Ankit’s son Ishwar Singh village Busana, Panipat. He has also made this relationship with a piece of paper. Ankit and his entire family are happy with this. His daughter Neetu is also happy. Both Neetu and Ankit are serving in the Panipat Court. There is an atmosphere of happiness in both the families.

Former sarpanch of Khurampur village and Neetu’s father Narendra Dahiya said that dowry system is spreading such a disease in the society that to remove it influential people of the society should start a relationship with one rupee. So that the poor and middle class families can also avoid this evil like dowry system. That’s why they have taken a small initiative that every family should start taking a relationship with a paper money. Because there is no greater wealth than the wealth of a daughter. To remove this evil from the society, we all have to come forward together.

Khap Dahiya Pradhan Jaipal Dahiya said that Narendra Dahiya, former sarpanch of Khurrampur village, has tied up his two daughters and a son with the omen of only one rupee, which is an example not only in Haryana but in the whole country. Dahiya Khap is proud of such social people. That’s why Dahiya Khap will honor those who specially cooperate in the society in removing the evils spread in this type of society.

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