Anju Parvathy Prabhish

Was anyone shocked to hear the news that two green men, in political parlance, two comrades were brutally killed in broad daylight in a busy area in Thalassery for questioning the involvement of the drug mafia? No! Because it is a clear as day fact that the Leftist regime is on the lines of “Killed” and “Neye Chappa Killed”. ! The only sector that has grown and developed under this regime is the “Drug Mafia”. Those who speak loudly about the politics of those who have been hacked to death should also have the courage to speak about the politics of those who are hacked. Are the cuties just drug mafia or are they also part of the same movement? The answer is clear when the comrades who indulge in the politics of the one who cuts anything else remain silent on this issue!

During this reign of domestic violence, the drug mafia is running rampant here. If this government had tried to suppress the drug mafia with at least one hundred thousandth of the money and sincerity spent on PR works as it was shown to fight Corona, this country would not have been hit by drugs so much. Kerala is witnessing the spread of progress in the form of drug mafia every day. Renaissance is sweeping over the youth like smokestacks on campuses and even in schools. Gender neutrality has taken hold in the drug trade.

Narcotics is a dirty business! More than just a movie dialogue, those words have to say about dirty business interests and mafia deals that have drained the blood and juice of many people whose lives have been entangled in the midst of smoke! The political scoundrels who were born with the silver spoon of the power pride of the administration and the party, earned crores on the strength of that arrogance and used to sleep on the silk mattress, no one will have anything to say about Kerala becoming a mini Mexico.

Drunkenness and ganja flow in Kerala also in high-level engagements. Such a big deal of drug consumption cannot take place here without the support of a bigshot with political grip and a big man to steer it. In recent years, the cases of ganja caught in Kerala are huge cases ranging from 100 kg and above. That means one or two crore people can smoke enough cannabis for a lifetime. It is hard to imagine that there is so much local consumption here. There is a situation where there is a huge value addiction and there is cannabis oil or hashish. It is definitely a multi location, multi state, country mafia. ! That is why political pimps pretend not to see this.

What punishment is given here to those involved in the case of intoxication? Nothing. They are caught for a few days, eaten and fattened, then released again. Then he does the same. It’s like a bicycle. Often the justices themselves are complicit in this trade; Some are involved in it. Shah Jahan, who accompanied Rahna Fatima to climb the mountain, was arrested for smuggling drugs. CPM is the only movement which is simultaneously running an anti-drug campaign and opening more liquor shops on the other hand.

KSRTC buses are advised to mount Pinarayi comrade’s picture in order to mobilize against alcoholism. By opening a beverages outlet at the same KSRTC stand and selling as many pints as possible. What a double standard. Most of the criminal activities that take place here are crimes due to alcohol intoxication, cannabis intoxication or drug use. In a society where drunkenness is rampant, but those who rule do not bother to stop it. Because our main income is in alcohol. Then the high-ranking people up to the local secretary deal in drunkenness.

In the political history of Kerala, there are few political leaders who are not exposed to the fire and smoke of corruption, but from prominent sons who are at the helm of the drug trade that destroys the entire society to local leaders cum followers, the credit of being involved in the drug trade is only the Communist Party’s own! That is why the murder of those comrades in Thalassery does not shock anyone! The loss is only to the families of those two men. Only sympathy for the bad fate of two people who believed the anti-drug policy on the skin without seeing the intoxicating love inside the party singing the BGM of ‘Be human beings, be human beings’!


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