Nedumbasheri (Cochin): World’s first complete solar power plant The prestigious Kochi International Airport 5th of 10th at Business Jet Terminal in Lath (CIAL) Happy country with Pinarayi as chief minister. will pick The idea is to be the first charter gateway in the state. Realize C through Sinus Jet Terminal doing

Business jet services, leisure travel, B Sinus Conferences to Coordinate This charter gateway will act as a platform for Make business jet travel affordable Cial also puts forward the plan. 2 terminals are activated at present. doing One for domestic travel and three for international travel. Business Jet Terminal in Terminal 2 Starting with the state private jet term Among the 5 airlines operated by Cial will change.

40,000 sq. ft. of attractive Business jet terminal with internal facilities Completed in Private car parking space, drive in porch, elegant Lobby, 5 comfortable lounges, Business Se Nr, Check-in, Immigration, Customs, Health, SE Customs clearance, duty free shop, foreign exchange Change counter, state-of-the-art video conferencing The Singh Constitution is included in this. VIP guests with high security requirements Safe house is also ready.

Book business jet travel at low cost Sial Ma says that dreams are realized through this. Managing Director S. Suhas said. ""The largest and most modern business in the state The jet terminal costs a lot less work. Deductible for chartered flights Travel and cost will be less. Cial’s business jet is India’s first in terms of business jets. First will be the charter gateway. Recreational tourism, international summits, B.C. ​Our conferences, high-net-worth businesses It is the coordination of people’s journey. Intending through This is also a wake up call for Kerala’s tourism sector. Suhas added.

Basic ease even amid covid crisis Ciali to complete development projects It’s over. Aripara Hydrotherapy Station and Payyannoor Solar Power Plant The plant was also commissioned within 12 months. The future of the aerospace sector lies ahead, with many Projects are planned. Find new sources of income and be successful. SIAL’s policy on RAM implementation Gama is a business jet built in term. Th. 30 crore in just 10 months after investing Rs. Completed by Min.

Special features

  • Say for the guests in the security department F house.
  • It takes 2 minutes to reach the airport by car; The shortest distance in the state.
  • The construction was completed in just 10 months. The cost is Rs 30 crore only.
  • Zia to introduce Kerala to the world L’s prize
  • Venue for international conferences like G20 Kan Kochi will be enabled


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