Ranjith and Unni are making their debut as double screenwriters with the film Ini Aatwab directed by Sudheesh Ramachandran with Aparna Balamurali in the lead role. Both of them are thrilled that their first film is a thriller. Malayalam cinema is getting two new screenwriters with the film, which is slated for release on October 7. Now, Ranjith and Unni are sharing details of Uttara and their hopes for the film with Twenty Four.

How does one arrive at the idea of ​​’now the answer’?

There are discussions about movies every day. Meanwhile, the idea of ​​the answer came from a question asked by my brother. It was a small question but a big story was born from that question. Now it has become a movie.

Is ‘Ini Awad’ a film that asks a lot of questions?

The film questions the intrusion into a girl’s personal life. The film also talks about the courage of girls. Of course, there will be many questions in the mind of the audience watching this movie. The film discusses a topic related to our country.

Why is the first film a thriller?

The first one was not determined to be a thriller film. We both are people who love thriller movies. The audience watching a thriller movie sits with curiosity. Each phase is scrutinized.
Thriller films are always popular among the audience. That is the reason for writing a thriller.

Is Aparna Balamurali’s character in the film the most promising?

of course. Aparna Balamurali’s role in ‘Ini Uttara’ is very promising. At the time the film was being written, there was no feeling of casting Aparna Balamurali. Also, there were no other actors in front of me while writing. The decision to cast Aparna as the heroine was reached after the writing was completed. The story is told to Aparna during the lockdown.

How does ‘Ini Awadab’ become a better cinema experience for the audience?

The film will definitely give the audience a great cinematic experience. This movie has very talented technicians and actors. Hence, there is no doubt that ‘Ini Awatb’ will provide a great theater experience. There are many instances in this movie where every moment is thrilling.

Writing a thriller is very challenging. What were the challenges?

Thriller films have the largest audience. The audience who watches the thriller film watches every moment very curiously. Thriller stories naturally thrill the writer as well. It is not the mind of the viewer watching a feel-good film, but the mind of the viewer of a thriller film. So it is a very challenging task to write out all its faults. A lot of precision has to be shown while making thriller films.

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