Astrology Tips: In Indian tradition, lips have been considered a symbol of beauty. Beautiful attractive lips not only make the face beautiful but also tell a lot about the man. According to Samudrika Shastra, a branch of astrology, each part of the body gives a lot of information about a person’s nature, his fate and his deeds.

In this article, you will know how the different shape or color of the lips tells about a girl or a person. We know that lips of different people are in different shape, their color is also different. On the basis of all these things, you can know what nature the person in front is. Know about some such things

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Know the nature of people from the color of lips (Jyotish Tips)

pink lips

All boys want their girlfriends to have pink lips. Pink lips are considered beautiful, as well as auspicious. Those with pink lips are sensible, educated, intelligent, sharp-tongued and clever. They do any work in a better way than others.

red lips

If a girl or person has very bright red lips, then she is beautiful and intelligent. According to astrology (Jyotish Tips) Such people are perfect in their work, but they also get ego very quickly. Such people sometimes get very angry.

black lips

Those who have black lips, they are quarrelsome by nature. They remain frosty without any reason and cannot mix-up with others due to their bad nature. Other people also run away from them.

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The shape of the lips also tells a lot.

plump lips

Women or men who have such lips are careless by nature. They don’t care about anything in the world except for a few essential things. Laziness comes first for them.

thin lips

Those whose lips are very thin, they are very ambitious. oceanographically Such people are very conscious and worried about their career. They are ready to go to any extent to achieve success. Their attitude towards others remains correct.

sensual lips

Such lips which are very attractive and beautiful in appearance are called sensual lips. Women and men with such lips are honest, intelligent and clever by nature. They get everything in life on the strength of their hard work. They may have to work a little hard in the beginning, but in the end they will win.

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clumsy lips

According to astrology, lips which are very ugly and unattractive to look at are called shapeless lips. People with such lips also have the same nature. They are generally stoic and prefer to remain aloof from others.

curved lips

If you have seen Disney cartoons, you must have noted that some female characters have upward-curved lips. such lips tell That person believes in appearances. He shows more than what he does not have and many times he gets into trouble for this reason.

Disclaimer: The information given here is based on astrology and is being given for information only. News24 does not confirm this. Before taking any remedy, be sure to consult the expert of the concerned subject.

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