Malappuram: Even if there is opposition in his own party, the parties Shashi Tharoor became strong after receiving support. Malappurath Tharoor receives acceptance from Kozhikode ranks chu Muslim League state for Tharoor, who had a drink with Panakka at 8:30 yesterday morning. President Syed Sadiqali Shihab and P.K. The cub was accepted by the leader. League for an hour. He held a meeting with the leaders. Returned after having breakfast.

Reaching Panakkad is not a new thing and has reached here in several stages. Tharoor said that he has held meetings with leaders. . He has a long association with the Muslim League. The Muslim League campaigned for seats in several elections. There is Some people are portraying my visit as fateful. But he is not interested in forming a group. No group should be in Congress. Tharoor added that my opinion is that the United Congress is enough. Souharda Sangam organized by Muslim League under the leadership of Mr. Sadiqali. It is a raw program. He said that he was grateful for the event.

The visit is another reason for his long-standing relationship with Tharoor. Sadiqali said that there is no need to see it. The relationship with Panakkad started from the time he came to Kerala. n. He is a good campaigner – said Sadiqali.

PK said that Tharoor’s visit was a friendly one. The baby was also made clear. We should not talk about the internal affairs of other parties. The possibility of UDF and general political issues were discussed. Janalikutty said.

Muslim League National Treasurer PV Abdul Wahab, M.K. Raghavan MP and MLAs K.P.A. Majeed, Prof.K. Abid Hussain Thangal, P.M.A. Salam, V.P. Ahmed Saju was also present. Perinthalmanna Hyderaly Shihab Thangal Civil Service Academy Tharoor also participated in a debate program for students.

Malappuram DCC receives Tharoor

Even if the Kozhikode District Congress Committee bans Tharoor, Malappuram Acceptance of Veshwajla. When Tharoor reached the Malappuram DCC office, DCC President V.A. S. Under the leadership of Joy, the activists received slogan calls. Chat.

A section of senior leaders left. Former minister A.P. Anilkumar, KPCC office bearers Aryadan Shaukat, Alipetta Jamila left. Former KPCC Secretary V.A. Karim, V. Those who started the search came to accept. Here’s how the DCC explains why leaders have left: ""There are no technical events here. DCC office visit only. I was here as DCC President. There is nothing unnatural about it.”- V.S. Joy said.


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