Muslim League leader and former MLA KNA Khader said that the game should be seen as a game and should be enjoyed. World Cup football matches can be held in any country willing to host them. KNA Khader wrote on Facebook that the necessary facilities are only necessary. (kna khader about fifa world cup)

A game is just a game. His Facebook post says that there is no enmity, no grudge, just enjoy and rejoice. The history of the human race so far is not that good. History tells us that human beings are not innocent creatures with a very sattvic nature.

Future generations will say that the history we are creating now is much worse. If you look at it that way, World Cup, Olympics and cricket cannot be held in any country, he says. Win or lose, the world will change, the times will change, the game will change. Anyway I don’t have a team so every team is my team’. The Facebook post concludes by saying that all players are my players.

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KNA Khader’s Facebook post reads:

The game should be seen as a game.
World Cup football matches can be held in any country willing to host them.
It only needs the necessary facilities.
This competition is not a reason to revise or revise the domestic international policies of the country where the competition is taking place. No one can put forward any condition like that.
Social justice, democracy and human rights should be respected by all at all times.
That and football matches should be seen separately.
The caste, religion, color, food habit, dress code, language, economic policy and attitudes of the rulers and the ruled are different in each country.
This diversity is the beauty of the world.
Some of the imperialist states that make up the world police,
It is because of their arrogance that some of the media bigwigs who took advantage of color discrimination and racism tried to belittle and ridicule the country and people of Qatar.
A small nation the size of Qatar, so magnificent, so imaginative,
Astonishingly, having spent so much money, holding such a great fair, old Mark, who saw it and rolled his eyes, couldn’t bear it, and burst out with lies and fake news.
Right from the opening, Qatar knocked them down. They paid for it by putting the black man, the differently abled, at the top of the game.
Nothing is predictable in the game. Can be done anywhere. Anyone can win. If you look at the history of any country where the game is played, you will see the good and the bad. It’s just that there may be fluctuations.
A nation is not a line on land, sea or sky, drawn by someone and often redrawn. They are living people.
The history of the human race, so far, has not been very good. History tells us that humans are not innocent creatures with a very sattvic nature.
The future generations will say that the history we are creating is much worse. Today’s social discourse, the factories are a witness to it. If you look at it, the World Cup, Olympics, cricket, nothing can be held in any country. In Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy,
In Stalin’s Russia,
This cannot be done in Mao’s China, Franco’s Spain, America, England, and many other countries. Racial massacres, political massacres, religious brutalities, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, the bomb years, and other countries where the US did not intervene.
Patrice Lumba, Jacob Urbans,
Saddam Hussein
Sheikh Mujiburahman, Allende,
How many people did they kill? Changed the regime. Is there any area on earth that Britain has not plundered, including India?
If you look at it like that, how noble Qatar is.
Our subject is football.
The innate valor, vashi and drunkenness of human beings. Football is a great game that transforms him into emotional, calm, wise, intelligent, strong, smart and happy.
It’s interesting. is happy Exciting. It’s for fun.
A game is just a game.
No enmity, no grudge,
Just enjoy and enjoy.
Any team can win and those who win today can lose tomorrow. Don’t fall in love with the players who scored many goals and the team who won often.
May drink the bitter brew of defeat.
The game is just the game before the watchers. No team, no individual, no country.
It doesn’t matter who wins or loses. Don’t be.
It is seen that everything is created as a mate.
Black and white, bumpy, hot and cold,
Happiness is sorrow, success is failure, so don’t lose balance.
Maintain moderation. Witness everything. Win or lose. The world will change, times will change and the game will change.
Anyway, I don’t have a team.
So every team is my team!
All players are my players!

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