The movie ‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’ is a combination of versatile hero Naga Shaurya and director Anish R Krishna. Shirley Setia is making her Tollywood entry with this movie. Nagashaurya’s mother Usha Mulpuri is producing this movie directed by Mahathi Swarasagar. Director Anish told the media about the release of the film on the 23rd of this month. Explaining how this movie turned out okay, “I told this story to Nagashaurya two years ago. He liked it very much. He decided to do this story under his home banner. Actually, I won’t narrate the story to the heroes. I am a bit weak in narration. I will tell my assistant director. But I told Shauryagari this story for the first time. Such is the power of the story. I said with confidence that it will be okay. He liked it when I told him. They said ok. The unique point in it has not been revealed yet. We will give an insight into the story during the prerelease event. But let me tell you the origin of this story. This is a story framed based on an incident in the life of a close friend of mine. This point is very entertaining. The audience will enjoy it hilariously,” he said.

Talking about the role of a Brahmin youth played by the hero in this, he also played the role of a Brahmin youth in the recently released Nani ‘Ante Sundaraniki’. I saw that movie. Nani has a unique style. Not only him. Allu Arjun’s ‘DJ… Duvvada Jagannatham, NTR’s ‘Adurs’, and Kamal Haasan’s ‘Michael Madan Kamaraju’ have their own style. Naga Shaurya also has a unique style. There is a kind of innocence, cuteness, mischievousness, and mischief in him. Nagashaurya appt for Krishna role. In this the background I have chosen is Acharyas. Seeing Shauryagari saw that charm.

That’s why I met Shauryagari first after the completion of the story. He also liked it very much.” Said that. Nagashaurya, the protagonist of this film, is currently doing a padayatra as part of the movie’s promotion. Saying about it, “That was his idea. This movie gave him a lot of confidence. He enjoyed this movie a lot. He himself went into the crowd to make the audience feel that joy. The walk is getting tremendous response. After starting the padayatra, the buzz about the film went to the next level,” he said. Anish Krishna said that he made his first film ‘Ala Ela’ very freely, and the audience liked it very much, and he has made this film again in the same way. Along with Naga Shaurya, Brahmaji, Rahul Ramakrishna, Satya, and Vennela Kishore’s characters will provide good entertainment.

Elaborating on his future plans, he said, “I have no industry background. Didn’t even work for movies earlier. As the producer of my first film was a friend of mine, I became a director very easily. It took me a long time to learn how the industry works. I have learned many things now. With this experience, I will try to make films with better planning. I am preparing some stories. A dark-humor story is in the making. Also, we want to make an action-emotional movie in the style of Godfather and Dalapati,” he said.


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