Taking place in Delhi "’There is no funding for terrorism’
Inaugural speech of the Global Ministerial Conference.

The third month of the Global Campaign to Deny the Financing of Terrorism It is noteworthy that this time the three-level conference is being held in India. n. Long before the world respected terrorism, this state was is focusing on For decades, terrorism in various guises and guises has plagued India. Tried to cut him off. We have lost thousands of precious lives. But he fought bravely against terrorism.

With this state, which has been fighting against terrorism for many years, Participate in this to exchange ideas with local people. Representatives of Even a single attack can do a lot of damage. Every life is very precious. Therefore, we rest till we root out terrorism. Not much.

This is a very important gathering. Do not see this as a meeting of ministers only. Because here we are discussing a topic that affects the entire human race. Th. The long-term impact of terrorism affects every state and the poor. It also affects the local economy. Both recreational and commercial, the issue is a constant threat. Nobody likes the country. Because of that people’s livelihood is lost. We must attack the roots of terrorism financing. Nu main.

Today, people are aware of the dangers of terrorism globally. No one needs to remind us. However, there are some misconceptions about terrorism in some quarters. The numbers are still there. The intensity of the response to different attacks and where it occurs It cannot be differentiated on the basis of selling. All acts of terrorism will be met with an equally strong response. deserves Sometimes, terrorism is used to prevent action against terrorists. Indirect arguments are raised in support of Space for ambiguous proximity when performing the Oragola Threat Maneuver no It is an attack on humanity, freedom and culture. . It has no limits. A unified and zero-tolerance approach alone is terrifying. Defeat the argument.

Fighting a terrorist and fighting terrorism are both They are different things. Terrorists can be neutralized using weapons. Immediate tactical response to terrorists May be the subject of action. However, the strategy adversely affects their financial status. It should be fun activities. A terrorist is a person. But terrorism is a network of individuals and organizations. is A more proactive approach to uprooting terrorism It is necessary to concentrate. If we want our citizens to be safe , we cannot wait for terror to enter our homes. Follow the extremists. Their support networks should be broken. Their financial condition should be destroyed.

Terrorist organizations get money from many sources. Everyone knows. One source is the self-support of some states. Some states consider terrorism as part of their foreign policy. support Promise them political, ideological and financial support. Naming. Absence of war is considered peace by international organizations. Ruth. Shadow wars are also dangerous and violent. Action should be taken on the states that support terrorism. And organizations that try to create sympathy for terrorists Individuals should also be brought together. The world is against all overt and covert support for terrorism. There is something to be done.

Organized crime is one of the sources of terrorist financing. They are Don’t look at organized crime in isolation. These groups often have deep ties with terrorist organizations. There is Gain through arms smuggling, drug smuggling, The money goes to terrorism. These groups are also involved in logistics and exchange of ideas. It’s happening. Action against organized crime is not enough against terrorism This is very important. Sometimes money laundering and financial crimes Even the activities involved support the financing of terrorism. It is pronounced hilly. The fight against it requires global cooperation.

In such a complex environment, the UN Security Council Task Force on Economic Policy, Economic Intelligence Ns units, Egmond Group started with unauthorized financing Collaborates in interception, detection and capture The amount has been increased. In many ways, the two-decade-long war on terror Helpfully. It also aims to reduce the risk of terrorist financing. Hello.

Now the dynamics of terrorism has changed. Rapidly advancing technology is both exciting and terrifying. It is also helpful in the fight against arguments. Including more names for financing terrorism New technologies are also used. Challenges Rise from Dark Net and Private Currencies Coming up. Public perception of new financial technologies is needed. Deer. It is also important to include the private sector in these efforts. But one thing should be noted. Technology is not portrayed as demonic, but instead, as terrifying. Use it to track, detect, and direct traffic. No.

Cooperation is needed not only in the physical world but also in the virtual world. Fundamental tool for cyber terrorism and online radicalization Things are distributed. Some also offer remote and online weapon maintenance. It’s working. Exchange of ideas, travel, logistics etc. networking in different states There are many eyes of La. Each state has links in the chain within their reach. Re can work.

Many states have their own laws and procedures. We also have processes. Sovereign nations may in their own constitutions There is a corpse. However, the differences between the systems are feared to be abused. We must be careful not to allow the claimants. Through in-depth coordination between Govt. This can be prevented through Joint operations, intelligence coordination and transfer It will help in the fight against terrorism. We have combined the issues of radicalization and terrorism. Communication is also important. No state should have a place for anyone who supports radicalization.

Liaison with various levels of security for several months Vadhi conferences were held in India. The General Assembly of Interpol was hosted in Delhi, India. On behalf of the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the UN Security Council The conference was held in Mumbai. "’No Terrorism Funding’ conference ‘Terrorism Funding’ India’s effort to create a global movement against Hayat It is part of The world to take the fight against terrorism to the next level Our goal is to unite.


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