A noted Malayali, former IA, who has created many successful role models. S. Udyogasthan, Dr. C.V. Anand Bose to take over as West Bengal Governor today It’s a knife. His West Bengal Industry Minister, who arrived in Kolkata yesterday, May You, the Chief Secretary and the Commissioner of Police will accept everything together. Guard of honor at airport before flight to Jbhavan It was given. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Leader of Opposition Suvendu Adhikari The leaders participated in the swearing-in ceremony at Rajbhavan today. Kumen is known. Ananda Bose’s governorship is very interesting. Wu is sure. There are political reasons for it.

Opposition as governors appointed by Narendra Modi government In many party-ruled states, governments are not stable enough. It is in Bengal is the state where the fiercest struggle took place. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and former Governor Jagdeep Dhankar The tug-of-war between Since becoming the Governor in 2019, Mamata Banerjee has been on speaking terms. Yi Dhankar. It later became an open war. The Governor’s statement was that the Chief Minister is subverting democracy. the night The government-governor parties have seized the constitutional arrangements. Kneeling. Governor O from the post of Chancellor of Universities The Bengal Legislature also passed the Expropriation Bill. This is how Dhankar became the vice president of Rajbha. Big left Last July.

Later, La Ganesan, the Governor of Manipur, gave more of Bengal. Chumatala was also present. Recently, the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana have started The war between the people and the governor was in the news. In the states where the BJP could not topple the government, the governor Opposition parties say that central government is playing politics by using Allegedly. Printed personal stamp on all areas worked. Cha, gentle and generous Ananda Bose to the post of Governor It comes in this situation. How will he perform at the Kolkata Raj Bhavan? The state is watching.

When talking about Ananda Bose, he in various fields. His exemplary actions will not go unremembered. 1977 IAS batch businessman Ananda Bose Servisiliri K District Collector, Principal in various Ministries Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary started He has held the positions of Vida Appointed by Supreme Court in Padmanabha Swamy Temple Gdha was the chairman of the committee. The writer is also a columnist. Short Story, Novel, Poetry Beginning English, Malay More than forty books in Lam and Hindi languages. Done. University Vice-Chancellor, Prime Minister Principal Secretary, Central Warehousing Co. Chairman of Reparation, Chairman of Habitat Personal branding in all areas of activity It was

In 1985, when he was the District Collector of Kottayam, Nirmithi Kendra Low cost to the general public with the support of Making environment friendly houses a reality in The interest shown by Ananda Bose has gained national attention. Home for all in 2022 Prime Minister Narendra Modi Anand Bose’s P It was a project. District Tourism Promotion Council, Ayurveda Chiki Dhanvantari Kendra, Rural Sector in Tsaikai Districts Development plans in Gramotsava program started and decided to be held in Mai He has contributed innovations.

Kutumbashree first appeared in 1986 in Shastamkota by women. Anand Bose formed with the participation of It was a complete society. Determine the state’s tourism revenue Maya House Boats was introduced by Ananda Bose. Working in Llam district. Shesham, who retired from the rank of Chief Secretary, will join the BJP in 2019. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Targeted Development Agenda Ready He will serve as the Chairman of the Working Group. done Cabinet Rank Advisor to Government of Meghalaya The dog was working. West Bomb for him who gave unlimited samples to the state. In a large state like Galle, a new model was created at the post of governor. Let’s do it.


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